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The Newsletter 80 Summer 2018

The Newsletter 80 Summer 2018

Heritage expertise across Asia. Preservation through specific and diverse interventions

This Focus section proposes to examine and study cultural heritage debates less on heritage objects and practices and more on the human agents that create, promote, and study cultural heritage and its preservation through specific and diverse interventions. These interventions do not occur in a void: they are often attached to distinct disciplinary approaches and informed by specific political contexts and historical circumstances. Therefore, the six contributors to this section, addressing challenging case studies of preservation of tangible and intangible heritage in six different regions of Asia, aim to highlight how the involvement of heritage experts affects the very nature of cultural heritage objects and practices, including the choice of approaches that are used for their study.


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The Study


Representations of the past in a precolonial Khmer monastery manuscript 
By Theara Thun
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6 - 7

Empty Home. House ownership in rapidly urbanising China
By Willy Sier & Sanderien Verstappen
| Read more

8 - 9

Southeast Asia and Trump year one: a work in progress
By Sally Tyler
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10 -11

Rodrigo Duterte and the Philippine presidency: Rupture or cyclicity?
By Mesrob Vartavarian
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The Opinion


Experiences with censorship in research and publication on Singapore’s multiculturalism 
By Lai Ah Eng
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The Region

13 - 15

China Connections
Regional editor Kunbing Xiao
| Read more

16 - 18

News from Southeast Asia
Regional editor Terence Chong
| Read more

19 - 21

News from Australia and the Pacific
Edited by Ana Dragojlovic, Edwin Jurriëns and Andy Fuller
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22 - 25

News from Northeast Asia
Regional editor Ilhong Ko
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The Focus: Heritage expertise across Asia

29 - 30

Introduction. Heritage expertise across Asia
Guest Editor: Trinidad Rico
| Read more


Palmyra and expert failure
By Salam Al Quntar
| Read more


32 -33

Bordering on the criminal: A clash of expertise in Bamyan, Afghanistan
By Constance Wyndham
| Read more

34 - 35

Reclaiming cultural heritage after disasters in Indonesia 
By Cut Dewi
| Read more


36 - 37

Heritage making after the earthquake. Safeguarding the intangible heritage of the Qiang people in China
By Qiaoyun Zhang
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38 - 39

A critical review of Catholic heritage sites in Nagasaki, Japan
By Tomoe Otsuki
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Reinterpretations at Fort Nassau in the Banda Islands, Indonesia
By Joëlla van Donkersgoed
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The Review

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42 - 43

Transoceanic Africa-Asia connections
By Mahmood Kooria
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44 - 45

Tamil film culture and politics. Super star actors as charismatic politicians
By Michiel Baas
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The Faces of the Unknown: A Frenchman’s Adventures in Late Imperial China
By Aliz Horvath
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46 - 47

The Social Life of Inkstones
By Simon Wickhamsmith
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Courtly Encounters
By Caleb Simmons
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The Network

48 - 49... Announcements download PDF


Report: A sense of heritage. Student discussion in Morocco
By Heidi Jie and Eun Chae Park
| Read more


Report: The Cotton Spring
By Rakhee Kalita Moral
| Read more

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In the spotlight: Manpreet K. Janeja, Charlotte Marchina and Qiaoyun Zhang

The Portrait


A museum for the living history of Asia
By Rute Paredes (Museu do Oriente)
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