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The Newsletter 79 Spring 2018

The Newsletter 79 Spring 2018

Vietnam and Korea in the longue durée. Negotiating tributary and colonial positions

Vietnam and Korea are rarely compared per se in scholarly work, whether in the field of social sciences or that of area studies. Yet, obvious convergences in their recent histories are apparent: both are Asian countries where the Cold War was indeed hot, tragic and deadly; and both nations were situated at the core of the big divide of the 20th century between capitalism and socialism — Korea still divided, Vietnam reunified in 1975. A conference hosted in March 2016 in Hanoi at the Vietnam National University, and co-organized by IIAS, Seoul National University and Ecole des hautes études en sciences sociales (EHESS), pioneered new attempts to compare Vietnam and Korea, with their similar tributary and colonial positions, as longue durée subjects of history. This instalment of the Focus presents a selection of a few excellent papers presented at the conference.


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Special feature

4 - 5

IIAS' new visual identity 
By Thomas Voorter
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6.......... The International Convention of Asia Scholars download PDF

The Study


Re-establishing juristic expertise. A historic congress of female Islamic scholars 
By Mirjam Künkler & Eva Nisa
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8 - 9

New light on the archaeology of the Majapahit court capital
By Amrit Gomperts, Arnoud Haag, Djoko Umbaran & Hari Subekti
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Redefining gender identities on campus
By Tarini J. Shipurkar
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Media free zones. Precarious labour and migrant vernaculars in Emirati cities
By Bindu Menon
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12 - 13

Urban space, reputation and entrepreneurial transgression. Informal finance in a North Indian city
By Sebastian Schwecke
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Friendship: its meaning and practice in time and place
By Carla Risseeuw and Marlein van Raalte
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The Region

15 - 17

News from Northeast Asia
Regional editor Ilhong Ko
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18 - 20

China Connections
Regional editor Di Luo
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21 - 23

News from Australia and the Pacific
Edited by Ana Dragojlovic, Edwin Jurriëns and Andy Fuller
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24 - 25

News from Southeast Asia
Regional editor Terence Chong
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The Review

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The Focus: Vietnam and Korea in the longue durée. Negotiating tributary and colonial positions

29 - 30

Introduction. Vietnam and Korea in the longue durée: Negotiating tributary and colonial positions
Guest Editors: Valérie Gelézeau and Phạm Văn Thuỷ
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Chosŏn’s understanding of Ming-Đại Việt relations
By Nguyễn Nhật Linh
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32 -33

Land categories and taxation systems in Đại Việt (11th-14th centuries)
By Momoki Shiro
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34 - 35

Separated by mountains and seas, united by a common script 
By Ho Tai Hue-Tam
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36 - 37

Beyond diplomacy. Japan and Vietnam in the 17th and 18th centuries
By Ryuto Shimada
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38 - 39

The introduction of revolutionary ’new books’ and Vietnamese intellectuals in the early 20th century
By Youn Dae-yeong
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40 - 42

Rival nationalisms and the rebranding of language in early 20th century Tonkin
By John D. Phan
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The Network

43 The Adspace download PDF

44 - 45

Report: River cities. Water space in urban development and history
By Paul Rabé
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46 - 47

Programme: Double Degree in Critical Heritage Studies of Asia and Europe
By Elena Paskaleva and Sandra Dehue
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Report: Asian food. History, anthropology, sociology
By Ajda Flajs and Mary Hyunhee Song
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Report: Reclaiming the 'workshop' as collaborative pedagogy
By Françoise Vergès
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Report: Partition in Bengal. Looking back after 70 Years
By Rituparna Roy
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54 - 55... IIAS Fellowship Programme download PDF
In the spotlight: Bindu Menon and William Peterson

The Portrait


Van Gogh & Japan
Van Gogh Museum
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