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The Newsletter 78 Autumn 2017

The Newsletter 78 Autumn 2017

Politics and Society in Contemporary Cambodia

Since the fall of the Khmer Rouge regime in 1979 Cambodian politics has been dominated by Prime Minister Hun Sen and his ruling Cambodian People’s Party (CPP). Profits of the widespread marketisation of natural resources, cheap labour and foreign investment are distributed among the dominating elite of Cambodia’s patrimonial society, whilst the majority of the population remains bereft of the advantages of economic growth. Taken together, the contributions to the Focus of this issue reveal a political modus operandi, in the context of a politics that has facilitated the CPP’s domination, but which now provokes an increasing challenge to this hegemony

Cover image: Kul (58) is a farmer and community activist; here she stands on logs that were once the forest where she lived since her childhood. Kul was forcibly evicted from her land by the government, who sold it to foreign companies to grow sugarcane and rubber, ultimately benefitting politicians and military. Photo by David Rengel.


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Special feature

4 - 6

ICAS10 – A reflection 
By Paul van der Velde
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The Study


A worldwide hunt for Dutch sources on early-modern India and Sri Lanka 
By Gijs Kruijtzer & Lennart Bes
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8 - 9

The Robert Hart Photographic Collection at Queen’s University Belfast
By Emma Reisz & Aglaia De Angeli
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The sultan’s pocket watch: a case of Japanese wartime robbery
By Louis Zweers
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Graphically Indian: storying the inauspicious (for now)
By E. Dawson Varughese
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The Region

12 - 14

News from Australia and the Pacific
Edited by Ana Dragojlovic, Edwin Jurriëns and Andy Fuller
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15 - 17

News from Southeast Asia
Regional editor Terence Chong
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18 - 19

News from Northeast Asia
Regional editor Kyuhoon Cho
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20 - 22

China Connections
Regional editor Lena Scheen
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The Review


Inventing the performing arts
By Joost Coté
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Bandits and the State
By Robert Antony
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24 - 25

Unresolved Disputes in Southeast Asia
By Sampa Kundu
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In Search of the Bengal Famine of 1943
By Shubhneet Kaushik
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Cambodia Votes
By Ronald Bruce St John
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Democracy, State Elites, and Islamist Activists in Indonesia
By Sirojuddin Arif
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The Focus: Politics and Society in Contemporary Cambodia

29 - 31

Politics and society in contemporary Cambodia
By Michiel Verver and Jake Wieczorek
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32 - 33

On the perils of resistance. Local politics and environmental struggle in Cambodia
By Sarah Milne
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34 -35

Ratifications and amendments. A turning point for Cambodia?
By Jake Wieczorek
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The politics of higher education in Cambodia 
By Heidi Dahles
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Political subjectivity in Cambodia
By Alvin Cheng-Hin Lim
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38 - 39

Relations between peasantry and state in contemporary Cambodia. A critical journey from lowland to upland regions
By Jean-Christophe Diepart
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40 - 41

The connected and the bereft, or the politics of business in Phnom Penh
By Michiel Verver
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The rise of the Cambodian entrepreneur?
By Gea Wijers
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The Khmer Dance Project
By Suppya Helene Nut
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The Network

44 - 45 The Adspace download PDF

46 - 47

Humanities across Borders: Asia and Africa in the World
By Titia van der Maas
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46 - 47

Humanities across Borders:
Revisiting ‘the Workshop Idea’ in Mandalay
By Aarti Kawlra
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SEA Junction
By Patrick McCormick
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Symposium report: Between stories and storytelling in the Indonesian archipelago
By Clara Brakel and Tom Hoogervorst
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50 - 51

Recalling mass violence and the roads to reconciliation in Nanjing
By Eveline Buchheim, Martijn Eickhoff and Aomi Mochida
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Being a slave: Indian Ocean slavery in local context
By Doreen van den Boogaart & Harkirat Singh
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54 - 55... IIAS Fellowship Programme download PDF
In the spotlight: Eva Ambos and Lawrence Chua

The Portrait


Welcome to Art in Myanmar!
Fukuoka Asian Art Museum
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