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The Newsletter 76 Spring 2017

The Newsletter 76 Spring 2017

Artistic Alternatives in East Asia

This special issue examines the artistic and creative practices emerging in East Asia and how they are gaining prominent status, not only in the art scene, but in society as a whole. Rather than mirroring social transformations, these groundbreaking practices initiate thought-provoking alternatives for both art and life. They have become instrumental for bringing forward new subjectivities and reshaping the intrinsic values of social and cultural well-being.


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The Study

4 - 5

Southeast Asian film festivals 
By Adam Knee
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Appropriating hybridized cultures: Recreating Peranakan culture in Jonker Street
By Tai Wei LIM
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Islamic ideas versus secularism: The core of political competition in Indonesia
By Wendy Andhika Prajuli
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8 - 9

African jurists in Asia: Premodern Afro-Asian interactions
By Mahmood Kooria
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The Archivist
New developments in South Asian archives


The Sikkim Palace Archive Digitisation Project
By Alex McKay
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Roja Muthiah Research Library. A repository for Tamil Studies
By G. Sundar
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East India Company Archives in Bangladesh
By Rajiv Rai
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The Opinion


Soaking ecologies: Rethinking Asian urbanism
By Debjani Bhattacharyya
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The Region

Intersections: Asia and Australia
The Asia Institute is The University of Melbourne’s key centre for studies in Asian languages, cultures and societies. Asia Institute academic staff have an array of research interests and specialisations, and strive to provide leadership in the study of the intellectual, legal, politico-economic,cultural and religious traditions and transformations of Asia and the Islamic world. The Institute is committed to community engagement and offers a dynamic program of academic and community-focused events and cultural exchanges that aim to promote dialogue and debate.

13....... Intersections: Asia and Australia
By Edwin Jurriëns and Ana Dragojlovic
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Asian Studies. On disciplines and regions
By Vedi Hadiz
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De-demonising ‘people smuggling’ between Indonesia and Australia
By Antje Missbach
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14....... Celebrating Asian Studies in Australia
By Dolly Kikon
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15....... Writing identity onto the screen
By Claire Maree
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The study of Asian art in Australia
By Michelle Antoinette
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News from Southeast Asia
The following articles come from the Regional Social Cultural Studies Programme (RSCS). The RSCS Programme studies and examines the history, sociology and anthropology of national and transnational processes within Southeast Asia. Specifically, RSCS is concerned with ethnographic practices and theory-building in the areas of contemporary histories, nation-building, ethnicity, religion, class and popular culture in the region. Key research areas are the processes of nation-building, civil society and religion, cultural globalisation and identity-making, contemporary politics, and democratisation and multiculturalism in Southeast Asia.


China’s footprint on its neighbours
By Terence Chong and Benjamin Loh
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16....... A Chinese Special Economic Zone in Northern Laos
By Pinkaew Laungaramsri
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Reflections of a journey on the Kunming-Hanoi Economic Corridor
By Benjamin Loh and Terence Chong
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‘Old’ and ‘new’ Chinese business in Phnom Penh
By Michiel Verver
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News from Northeast Asia
Since 2009, the Seoul National University Asia Center (SNUAC) has been proposing new contents and perspectives on Asia by integrating regional and thematic research across Asia. SNUAC seeks to be the leading institution for research and scholarly exchanges. The center features three regional centers, the Korean Social Science Data Archive (KOSSDA), and seven thematic research programs. By fostering ‘expansion’ and ‘layering’ between Asian studies and Korean studies, the Center endeavors to shape new frameworks of Asian studies that go beyond a ‘Western-non-Western’ dichotomy. The Center will continue to support the pursuit of scholarly excellence in the study of Asia by providing opportunities to conduct international collaboration on an array of topics in Asia research. For further information please visit:


Tourism in Korea, China, and Japan
By Kyuhoon Cho
| Read more


Geographical imaginaries and travel experiences of Chinese youke in Seoul
By Myungkoo Kang and Eun-Young Nam
| Read more


Authentic fakes: the case of the Tomb of Christ in Japan
By Ryosuke Okamoto
| Read more


The spatial occurrence of international tourism: China’s experience
By Yucheng Liang
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China Connections

Asia Research Center at Fudan University
Founded in March 2002, the Asia Research Center at Fudan University (ARC-FDU) is one of the achievements of the cooperation of Fudan and the Korean Foundation for Advanced Studies (KFAS). Throughout the years, the center has been working tirelessly to promote Asian Studies, including hosting conferences and supporting research projects. ARC-FDU keeps close connections with the ARCs in mainland China and many institutes abroad.

Center for Global Asia at NYU Shanghai
The Center for Global Asia at NYU Shanghai serves as the hub within the NYU Global Network University system to promote the study of Asian interactions and comparisons, both historical and contemporary. The overall objective of the Center is to provide global societies with information on the contexts for the reemerging connections between the various parts of Asia through research and teaching. Collaborating with institutions across the world, the Center seeks to play a bridging role between existing Asian studies knowledge silos. It will take the lead in drawing connections and comparisons between the existing fields of Asian studies, and stimulating new ways of understanding Asia in a globalized world.

20....... India-China Links
By Tansen Sen
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20 - 21 China-India Academic Programs
By Lena Scheen
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‘Little India’ in China
By Ka-Kin Cheuk
| Read more


The murder of Buddha Singh and the rise of British trans-regional surveillance
By Yin Cao
| Read more

The Review


Authoritarian collectivism: The origins and course of New Order Ideology
By Mesrob G. Vartavarian
| Read more


Marriage migration in Asia
By Cristina Lacomba
| Read more

24 - 25

The Book of Yōkai
By Natsuko Akagawa
| Read more


Return to origins: Christianity and Asia
By Peter Admirand
| Read more


China’s quest
By Jonathan Fulton
| Read more


A historical atlas of Tibet
By Simon Wickhamsmith
| Read more

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The Focus: Artistic Alternatives in East Asia

29 - 30

The tipping point for alternatives in East Asian arts
By Minna Valjakka
| Read more


Art and aesthetic environmental awakening at Plum Tree Creek
By Wei Hsiu TUNG
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32 - 33

Waste in contemporary Chinese art. Byproducts of China’s urban development and consumerism
By Meiqin WANG
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34 - 35

Building the ‘Dongdaemun Rooftop Paradise’ on the margins of Seoul 
By Hong KAL
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36 - 37

Keep on dreaming: Art in a changing Beijing
By Deng Liwen (Zoénie) and Jeroen de Kloet
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38 - 39

Media literacy and digital storytelling in contemporary Japan
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40 - 41

Hacking Hong Kong. Urban creativity as dissidence and participation
By Minna Valjakka
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The Network


ICAS Book Prize 2017
By Paul van der Velde
| Read more


The IBP 2017 Dissertation Awards: a progress report
By Alex McKay
| Read more

43......... ICAS Book Prize 2017 Colleagues’ Choice Award download PDF


Conference report: Ocean of Law II
By Mahmood Kooria
| Read more



Dynamic borderlands: livelihoods, communities and flows
By Swargajyoti Gohain
| Read more 



Southeast Asia Neighborhoods Network (SEANNET)
By Sandra Dehue and Paul Rabé
| Read more 

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Historical Photographs of China
By Robert Bickers and Jamie Carstairs
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50 - 52 The Adspace download PDF

53......... IIAS Research and Projects download PDF

54 - 55... IIAS Fellowship Programme download PDF
In the spotlight: Carola Lorea and Debjani Bhattacharyya

The Portrait


Artmandu. The city as a catalyst
By Kathmandu Triennale
| Read more

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