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The Newsletter 74 Summer 2016

The Newsletter 74 Summer 2016

Memory and commemoration in Central Asia

Across Central Asia, heritage sites and commemorative practices have become visual protagonists of a nationalist rhetoric. This special issue analyses cultural memory practices used by former and current Central Asian elites as a tool for boosting ethno-nationalism. Multiple commemorative sites serving as visual representations of the past are used to foster a sense of belonging and national pride among the multi-ethnic population. Guest editor Elena Paskaleva asks, how can these practices and local historical contingencies provide a better understanding of the search for national and religious identities in modern Central Asia?


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The Study

4 - 5

The Kolkata (Calcutta) Stone and the bicentennial of the British Interregnum in Java, 1811-1816 
By Nigel Bullough and Peter Carey
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Reminiscent of ‘The Age of Partnership’: VOC diplomatic letters from Batavia
By Irina Katkova
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Globalized economy and the Chinese national oil companies
By Changwei Tang
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8 - 10

Heritage diplomacy along the One Belt One Road
By Tim Winter
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The Opinion

12 - 13

“And then the government fell. But the books continued!” An interview with Romila Thapar
By Byapti Sur and Kanad Sinha
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The Region

News from Northeast Asia
Since 2009, the Seoul National University Asia Center (SNUAC) has been proposing new contents and perspectives on Asia by integrating regional and thematic research across Asia. SNUAC seeks to be the leading institution for research and scholarly exchanges. The center features three regional centers, the Korean Social Science Data Archive (KOSSDA), and seven thematic research programs. By fostering ‘expansion’ and ‘layering’ between Asian studies and Korean studies, the Center endeavors to shape new frameworks of Asian studies that go beyond a ‘Western-non-Western’ dichotomy. The Center will continue to support the pursuit of scholarly excellence in the study of Asia by providing opportunities to conduct international collaboration on an array of topics in Asia research. For further information please visit:


One Belt, One Road, and many responses
By Kim Chong Min
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One Belt, One Road: China’s reconstruction for global communication and international discourse power
By Xiang De Bao
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16....... One Belt, One Road strategy and Korean-Chinese cooperation
By Tai Hwan Lee
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16....... One Belt, One Road: a Japanese perspective
By Hidehito Fujiwara
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News from South East Asia
The following articles come from ISEAS-Yusof Ishak Institute’s ASEAN Studies Centre (ASC). The ASC is devoted to research on issues that pertain to the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) as an institution and a process. ASC conducts studies and provides inputs and ideas to ASEAN member states and the ASEAN Secretariat on issues and events that call for collective ASEAN actions and responses, especially those pertinent to building the ASEAN Community.

17 - 19

Workshop on the heritage of ancient and urban sites: giving voice to local priorities
By Elizabeth Moore, Terence Chong, Helene Njoto and Kyle Latinis
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The Review


Fighting for the future of the past in Bangkok
By Haoqun GONG
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20 - 21

Amnesia is a state-sponsored sport
By Peter Admirand
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Women living beyond the norms
By Linda Rae Bennett
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An interview with Julian CH Lee
By Christina Plant
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24 - 25

Multicultural education in Indonesia
By Stefani Nugroho
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Wonderland of 1001 prospects
By Niels Mulder
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Adaptation and transformations in Sikkim
By Ajaya  N. Mali
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From acrobatics to worship: bringing together South Asian folklore
By Patrick van den Berghe
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The Focus: Memory and commemoration in Central Asia

29 - 31

Memory and commemoration in Central Asia
By Elena Paskaleva
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32 - 33

"The Time of Ordeal": a story of the 1916 revolt in Central Asia
By Zifa Auezova
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34 - 36

Opera as the highest stage of Socialism
By Artemy Kalinovsky
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Keeping religion alive: performing Pamiri identity in Central Asia 
By Gabrielle van den Berg
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38 - 39

Remembering Manas: connected to the past, connected in the present
By Nienke van der Heide
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40 - 41

Commemorating Tamerlane: ideological and iconographical approaches at the Timurid Museum
By Elena Paskaleva
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42 - 43

City and ideology: politics of urbanscape in Post-Socialist Mongolia
By Orhon Myadar
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44 - 45

Urban Heritage of the Silk Road
By Tomás Skinner
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The Network

46......... AUP Publications download PDF

47 - 49

IIAS Reports
Language, power and identity in Asia: creating and crossing language boundaries by Willem Vogelsang and Sandra Dehue

2016 IIAS-CSEAS Winter School. Mapping the aesthetics of urban life in Asia: a dialogue with the arts by Preeti Singh and Soaham Mandal


50 - 51


  • Call for papers: Vietnam and Korea as longue  durée subjects: negotiating tributary and colonial positions
  • New Publication: Bangladesh field report. Defining, targeting and reaching the very poor by Anika Altaf 
  • Workshop: Indian medicine: between state & village Workshop
  • Ancient Asia, journal of the Society of South Asian Archaeology (SOSAA)
  • Japan: Modern Japanese prints in the Rijksmuseum’s Philips Wing
  • ABIA Online

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In the spotlight: Shu-Li WANG & Manuela Ciotti

The Portrait


Bhupen Khakhar: You Can’t Please All
By Tate Modern Exhibition
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