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The Newsletter 72 Autumn 2015

The Newsletter 72 Autumn 2015

Who is the New Asia Scholar?

Perhaps a scholar who is, among others, responding to a developing Asia, to the evolving inclusiveness of Asian Studies, to the significance of language, and to the increasing demand for alternative scholarship. We put this question to our colleagues; their answers can be found in the pages of our Focus.


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Special feature

4.......... ICAS 9 Adelaide
Summary and event photos download PDF
5.......... ICAS Book Prize 2015
Complete list of jury prizes and accolades download PDF
6.......... The 2015 Africa-Asia Book Prize
Winner and shortlisted titles download PDF

The Study


Syncretic heritage of Africans in India: identity and acculturation 
By Karan Singh
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8 - 9

The Cold War as social mechanism: toward an analysis of Cold War Asia, not of the Cold War in Asia
By Masuda Hajimu
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10 - 11

Casino development and urban transformation in Macau
By Sheyla S. Zandonai
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Travels & tourists in the Middle Kingdom: two insider perspectives
Special feature page: The Traveller

By Stefano Calzati
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The Focus: The New Asia Scholar

17 - 19

The New Asia Scholar
By Sonja Zweegers & Paul van der Velde
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New scholarship from Asia
By Tak-Wing Ngo
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A China scholar working in China
By Lena Scheen
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22 - 23

The new Asia scholar’s role in Asian/area studies: reining in the museum 
By Priya Maholay-Jaradi
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Publishing for easy credits: an Indonesian case
By Ulrich Kozok
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Wading through a field of books
By Duncan McDuie-Ra
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Publishing new Asia scholarship
By Peter Schoppert and Paul Kratoska
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The new ASEAN scholar
By Trasvin Jittidecharak
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The fluent Asia scholar? Language and area studies 2.0
By Tom Hoogervorst
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The newness of Asia and its discontents
By Marlon James Sales
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Navigating our culturally interconnected world
By Cathy Monro
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Losses and gains to the anthropological soul
By Jinghong Zhang
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32 - 33

Old and new knowledge regimes and the public milieu
By Imran bin Tajudeen
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Something old, something borrowed and something new?
By Titia van der Maas
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Globalizing comparative political science research on Southeast Asia
By David Camroux
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36 - 37

Cartographies of Asia in Latin America
By Cláudio Costa Pinheiro
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38 - 39

Africa and the unmasking of Asia
By Lloyd G. Adu Amoah
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Asian Studies in the Arab states of the Gulf: challenges and potential
By Habibul Haque Khondker
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New Asia Now
Griffith Review 49: New Asia Now
New Asia Now: only connect
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The Review

13........ New titles available for review on download PDF

14 -15

India: a watershed decade
By Louise Harrington
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Burma's foreign relations
By Shane J. Barter and Yuko Nakajima
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Photography in nineteenth-century India
By Eve Tignol
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The Network


41 - 43

News from Northeast Asia
Remembering and rewriting seventy years since the end of World War II in Northeast Asia by Joo Yunjeong

Social changes and history wars in East Asia: 70 years after Korean Liberation by Jung Keunsik

Reflections on China's memorial parade, on the 70th anniversary of Victory Day in the 'Chinese People's War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression' by Fu ShaoQiang

Two types of revisionism: historical perceptions 70 years after World War II in Japan by Chong Young-hwan

Seventy years after the war in Taiwan by Qiu Shijie 


44 - 46

News from Southeast Asia
Digging the Lion City and the future of Singapore's archaeology by Lim Chen Sian

On the origins of the Javanese mosque by Hélène Njoto

Esoteric Buddhist networks in Maritime Asia, 7th-13th centuries by Andrea Acri

48........ IIAS Announcements download PDF


IIAS Report and Publications
IIAS seminar report International seminar: transnational religious and ideological influences in modern Central and Inner Asia by Willem Vogelsang

IIAS Book Series - Asian Heritages by Adèle Esposito


IIAS Report
Japan, China, and the construction of history by Leo Douw

51..... Announcements download PDF


IIAS Report
Religious violence in South(East) Asia: domestic and transnational drivers of intolerance against Muslim minoritiesy by Maaike Matelski and Marit van Liere

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54 - 55..... IIAS Fellowship Programme download PDF

The Portrait


Ai Weiwei
Current exhibitions
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