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The Newsletter 71 Summer 2015

The Newsletter 71 Summer 2015

Militarized Borderlands in Asia

Even as borders are increasingly being bridged today through international cooperation, many border peoples across the world live precarious existences in military battle zones. Bringing together essays by anthropologists, historians, and ethnomusicologists, this Focus section refocuses the readers’ gaze on militarized borderlands in Asia. The articles portray the far-reaching impacts of militarization on those who live in the immediate proximity of the border, as well as on those who move away. All the articles share a concern for the travails of the people living in militarized borders, and their attempts to cope or overcome, in symbolic, material, and imagined forms.


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The Study

4 - 5

Disease eradication and national reconstruction in Indonesia and the Philippines during the early decades of the Cold War 
By Vivek Neelakantan
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6 - 7

Impermanent frescoes: Localization of the Rāmāyana in mainland Southeast Asia
By William Noseworthy
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8 - 9

For whom the wedding bells do not chime: A DNT called the Nat 
By Subir Rana
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10 - 11

Decoding a mysterious pavilion: How astronomy brought together local dignitaries and foreign traders 
Liesbeth Bennink
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12 -13

Of Spices & Botany, Sanskrit & Bollywood: Four centuries of Indo-Dutch connection
By Rituparna Roy
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14 - 15

Return or circular migration? The case of the Japanese Brazilians
By Ingrid Van Rompay-Bartels
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Protest and public space in Kuala Lumpur
By Nurul Azlan
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The Focus: Militarized Borderlands in Asia

21 - 23

Militarized Borderlands in Asia
By Swargajyoti Gohain
Guest Editor
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24 - 25

State violence, state building. Civilian responses among the Karen of southeast Burma
By Alexander Horstmann and Tomas Cole
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26 - 27

Far away, so close. Imagining the border with two Kashmiri communities 
By Ankur Datta
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28 - 29

Spectacles of militarization
By Malini Sur
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30 - 31

School versus paddy: education and mobility in Manipur
By Duncan McDuie-Ra
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32 - 33

Renaming as integration
By Swargajyoti Gohain and Kerstin Grothmann
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34 - 35

The view from the islands. Musical crossings of the Ogasawara Islands
By Masaya Shishikura
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The Review


Revolt or evolve?
By Kai Chen
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18 - 19

Special Feature: The Global City
Singapore turns 50: local issues in a global city
By Michiel Baas

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38 - 39

Two views about China’s spreading influence
By Julia Read
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38 - 39

Quo Vadis China?
By Emilian Kavalski
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40 - 41

I Gusti Nyoman Lempad:The first catalogue raisonné of Balinese painting
By Dick van der Meij
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The creoleness of Betawi culture
By Paul Doolan
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42 - 43

Documents as artefacts
By Simon Wickhamsmith
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Collaborative creativity
By Matthew Fraleigh
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The Network

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46 - 47

News from Southeast Asia
Testing the political waters: PAS’s hudud proposal and its impact by Norshahril Saat

The ethnic party system in Malaysia by Lee Hock Guan

The 1MDB controversy in Malaysia by Cassey Lee

48 - 49

IIAS Reports
Sailing the waves of convergence: cultural links and continuities across the Bay of Bengal by Tom Hoogervorst

Steppe and the Silk Roads, China's Interactions with its Neighbours by Elena Paskaleva

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Special feature:
The Alumnus
Christina Firpo
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The Portrait


Guan Di and Tin Mountain: Chinese temples in Northeast Tasmania
Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery Launceston, Tasmania
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