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The Newsletter 69 Autumn 2014

The Newsletter 69 Autumn 2014

Theorizing Heritage

In this edition of the Focus, guest editor Adele Esposito introduces the research perspective developed by a group of young scholars and heritage practitioners involved in the new MA Program ‘Critical Heritage Studies of Asia and Europe’ (Leiden University). The first group of graduates, together with young scholars working on heritage in Asia, have collectively produced a ‘manifesto’ with the purpose of initiating a proactive and policy-oriented debate on the politics of heritage, to which all our readers are invited to contribute.


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Important notice
Postponement of the Africa-Asia Conference in Accra, 2015

4 - 5 .... IIAS Photo Contest: Picturing Asia
The winning Photographs
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The Study

6 - 7

Vedic chanting in Kerala
By Natalia Korneeva
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Notes on Vyayam: a vernacular sports journal in western India
By Namrata R. Ganneri
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Mamun and the ‘Kaum Imam San’ of Cambodia
By William Noseworthy
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10 - 11

The campaign against yaws in postcolonial Indonesia: Forgotten disease, incomplete victories
By Vivek Neelakantan
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Lifestyle migration in East Asia
By Karen O’Reilly and Maggy Lee
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Technology, magic, anthropology, Cambodia
By Jenna Grant
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14 - 15

A satellite’s view of Nalanda’s past
By M.B. Rajani
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A musical journey towards trans-border humanity
By Masaya Shishikura
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Sinhalese and Tamil Catholics, different paths to reconciliation
By Bernardo Brown
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Democracy on the march: dissecting India’s 16th general elections
Special feature page: The Opinion
By Pralay Kanungo
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The Focus: Theorizing Heritage

19 - 21

Theorizing heritage in Asia as an ‘encounter’
By Adele Esposito
Guest Editor
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22 - 23

Heritage beyond the boundaries: a manifesto

Compiled by: Joshua Chan, Ian Dull, Giulia Di Pietro, Adèle Esposito, Sara Guagnini, Abby Hsian-huan Huang, Isaura van Den Berg, Rita Wittek

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24 - 25

R798: the re-evaluation of Beijing’s industrial heritage in the adoption of creative industries policies
By Giulia Di Pietro
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26 - 27

World Heritage in reverse. Study on how Taiwan used World Heritage paradigms in national law and foreign diplomacy
By Abby Hsian-huan Huang
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28 - 29

The paradox of UNESCO’s Masterpieces.The case of Wayang
By Sadiah Boonstra
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Borobudur saujana: as far as you can(not) see
By Sara Guagnini
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The Review

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Filipino Ilustrado scholarship: boding the nation?
By Erwin S. Fernandez
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On top of the world
By Jeff Kyong-McClain
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34 - 35

Ghosts of the past
By Shane Barter
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Illicit dancing
By Lalita du Perron
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The Network

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38 - 39

News from Southeast Asia
The twists and turns to the presidency by Ulla Fionna

The role of the internet and social media in the 2014 Indonesian elections by Kathleen Azali

Campaign culture: the strange and the bizarre by Gwenaël Njoto-Feillard

40 - 42

IIAS Reports
Changing patterns of power in historical and modern Central and Inner Asia by Irina Morozova and Willem Vogelsang

Critical reflections on the future of planning by Paul Rabé

Reading craft in the global ecumene by Bryce Beemer & Chanjittra (Baitong) Chanorn


Special report:
The Bandung Confence sixty years on
by Darwis Khudori
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The Portrait


Beginning of the Becoming: Batak sculpture from northern Sumatra
By David Alan Henkel
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