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The Newsletter 68 Summer 2014

The Newsletter 68 Summer 2014

A Dialogue on Documentary Film

Can film directors be considered to be historians of some sort? Do documentaries capture the sign of the times? Do they act as agents of change? How do new generations of filmmakers deal with old histories? Scholars are familiar with close reading of texts, but do they similarly ‘close read’ images?

Through a dialogue on documentary film, Fridus Steijlen & Bart Barendregt spark the debate in this issue’s pullout section of the Focus.


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The Study

4 - 5

Bali at war: a painted story of resistance to colonial rule
By Siobhan Campbell
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Learning from Hong Kong: ‘place’ as relation
By Renske Maria van Dam
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‘Home and Away’: female transnational professionals in Hong Kong
By Maggy Lee
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8 - 9

‘Silence is the best solution’: The military versus the media in the Netherlands East Indies 1945-1949
By Louis Zweers
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The challenges to female representation in Asian democracies
By Timothy S. Rich and Elizabeth Gribbins
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Like wildfire
Special feature page: The Writer
By Ronald Bos
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12 - 13

Images of Vietnam in the art of katazome, by TOBA Mika
Special feature page: The Artist
By Stefan Jekan

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Satyamev Jayate: a quiet Indian revolution
Special feature page: The Opinion
Rituparna Roy

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The Review

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Uncivil society
By Nicholas Tarling
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16 - 17

Geopolitics of energy
By Henk Houweling
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Engaging the spirit world
By Niels Mulder
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Matches and gunpowder: the political situation in the East China Sea
By Matthijs de Boer
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32 - 33

Unconscious dominions
By Julia Read
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32 - 33

Encountering a new economic powerhouse
By Emilian Kavalski
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Encounters with Europe
By Barnita Bagchi
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The Focus: A Dialogue on Documentary Film

19 - 21

Emerging voices from Southeast Asia
By Fridus Steijlen & Bart Barendregt
Guest Editors
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Reflecting on the ‘Emerging Voices’ program
By Raul Niño Zambrano
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Carefully approaching an absent center
By Gea D.M. Wijers
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24 - 25

Exceeding the gaze of the scholar. The challenge of encompassing Indonesia
By Farish A Noor
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Mass killings represented: the movies of Panh and Oppenheimer
By John Kleinen
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The ‘cinematic’ santri
By Ahmad Nuril Huda
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28 -29

Visualizing Southeast Asia in the classroom through film. Issues and possibilities
By Keng We KOH
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Why do South Asian documentaries matter?
By Erik de Maaker
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The Network

35 -37

BHUTONG | Adaptation, Special issue of Abitare, on the Beijing Hutong by Bert de Muynck & Mónica Carriço (MovingCities)
The present state of social science research in Asia by G.K. Lieten


38 - 39

News from Southeast Asia
The return of the hải ngoại artist and new art spaces in Vietnam by Huong LE THU
Culture and politics of the newly announced Vietnamese Independent Writers’ Association by Jason Morris-Jung


40 - 41

Expedition Silk Road: Treasures from the Hermitage
The Silk Road: an early technology highway by Gillian Vogelsang-Eastwood
The spread of Buddhism in Central Asia by Jonathan Silk

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The Portrait


Bodies in Balance – The Art of Tibetan Medicine
By Theresia Hofer
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