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The Newsletter 67 Spring 2014

The Newsletter 67 Spring 2014

The Asian family & domestic violence

Although the issue of violence against women (VAW) has received much attention, the scourge of violence in homes is far from being diminished. Though a universal phenomenon, VAW is also contextspecific. For the Focus in this issue of The Newsletter, seven scholars explore the question of family ambiguity within a comparative Asian context, especially as to how family norms and state laws in diverse national, cultural and religious settings interact to address or worsen the problem. By dealing with family ambiguity as a central critique of the domestic violence debate, they interrogate the gaps between concept, law and process.


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The Study

4 - 5

Peeking at the enemy. Eighteenth century 'spy' plan reveals VOC military intelligence
By Jeroen Bos and Barend Noordam
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6 - 7

Sukarno's art collection
By Louis Zweers
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The pursuit of happiness in modern Japan
By Torsten Weber
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Making 'new' Muslim places in urban Malaysia and Indonesia
By Hew Wai Weng
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10 - 11

India's 'indigenous' cinemas: a village video night and the future of Santal 'traditional' dances
By Markus Schleiter
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12 - 13

Ramâwan: 2013
By William Noseworthy and Quaʼng Văn Soʼn
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The Review

14 - 15.....
New for review + reviews available to read online
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16 - 17

Modern library of Indonesia
By Niels Mulder
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Whither the ‘Asian’ City?
By Sin Yee Koh
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18 - 19

A few poorly organised men
By Antje Missbach
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Quarrelling with the past
By Paul Doolan
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Cricket and society
By Souvik Naha
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The Focus: The Asian family and domestic violence

21 - 23

Family ambiguity and domestic violence in Asia: Reconceptualising law and process
By Maznah Mohamad and Saskia Wieringa
Guest Editors
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24 - 25

Cultures of violence and silence
By Amrita Nandy
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26 - 27

Culture, power and narratives in domestic violence law
By Zarizana Abdul Aziz
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28 - 29

The enforcement of heteronormativity in India and Indonesia
By Saskia Wieringa
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30 - 31

Domestic violence and migration in the Philippines: Transnational sites of struggle and sacrifice
By Cheryll Alipio
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32 - 33

Investigating intimate violence: A problem of law
By Narayanan Ganapathy
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34 -35

The Indonesian family as a contested site of women's rights
By Nursyahbani Katjasungkana
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Malaysia’s DVA: the clash of gender, cultural and religious rights
By Maznah Mohamad
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The Network

37 -38

Imaginary frontiers and deferred masculinity: working class men in Batam
By Terence Chong
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Under the spotlight: researchers in the region
Interview with Dr Miksic conducted by S.T. Foo
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Singaporeans in Batam: living with discourses of danger and corruption
By Su-Ann Oh and Reema Bhagwan Jagtiani
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South Asia and the Long 1930s: Appropriations and Afterlives
By Sanjukta Sunderason and Carolien Stolte
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Threads of Time: Traditional Textiles and the Contemporary Transformation in Taiwan
By Willem Vogelsang
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41......... Revisiting the Emancipatory Potential of Digital Media in Asia download PDF
Review of the Asiascape: Digital Asia conference by Florian Schneider



State Policy and the Cultural Politics of Heritage-Making in East and Southeast Asia
By Kathleen Azali
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Urban Hybridity in the Post-Colonial Age
Report of the IIAS Winter School in Macau by Devaka Gunawardena (UCLA) and Lauren Yapp (Stanford)
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Cultural Heritage: Environment, Ecology and Inter-Asian Interactions
International conference report by Michiel Baas
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45......... The Power of Knowledge: Asia and the West download PDF
By Willem Vogelsang

45......... Patterns of Early Asian Urbanism download PDF
International conference report by Willem Vogelsang

46 - 47..... The architecture of Southeast Asian cities: how do architectural and urban expressions of modernity relate to heritage? download PDF
By Adèle Esposito

48 - 49..... IIAS/AUP Publications download PDF
New book series at Amsterdam University Press
By Paul van der Velde

50 - 52..... Announcements download PDF

53........ IIAS Research and Projects download PDF

54 - 55..... IIAS Fellowship Programme download PDF

The Portrait


Treasures from Korea
By Hyunsoo Woo
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