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The Newsletter 66 Winter 2013

The Newsletter 66 Winter 2013

20 Years IIAS Special Issue

The Focus | Sustainable Humanosphere Studies: Towards new models of socio-economic development. Guest Editor Mario Lopez presents multidisciplinary research from scholars who are engaged in sustainability studies in Southeast Asia. This issue’s contributions to the Focus section emphasize the important collaborations that are currently taking place between disciplines to address complex socio-economic transformations in the region.


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Celebrating 20 years of IIAS


Baby Krishna has come of age
By Jan Houben
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The International Institute for Asian Studies – Celebrating 20 Years
By Sandra Dehue
| Read more


IIAS in Leiden
By Sandra Dehue
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Evolution of The Newsletter
By Rituparna Roy
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IIAS Photo Contest 2014: Picturing Asia
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The Network

8 - 9..... IIAS Fellowship Programme download PDF

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11 - 15... Programmes, networks and initiatives download PDF
In this special issue of The Newsletter we not only presents our current programmes, but also recall a number of programmes from the past.


Socio-Genetic Marginalisation in Asia
By Masae Kato
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Illegal but licit: transnational flows and permissive polities in Asia
By Barak Kalir
| Read more


Jatropha: from an iconic biofuel crop to a green-policy parasite
By Jacqueline Vel et al.
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"Rethinking Asian Studies in a Global Context"
A three-year IIAS pilotprogramme (2014 -2016) supported by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.
By Willem Vogelsang.
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17......... Call for papers download PDF

Asian Studies in Africa: the Challenges and Prospects of a New Axis of Intellectual Interaction (Ghana, 15-17 Jan. 2015)
Deadline CfP: 1 April 2014

Changing patterns of power in historical and modern central and inner Asia (Mongolia, 7-9 Aug 2014)
Deadline CfP: 9 Jan 2014

Activated Borders: Re-openings, Ruptures and Relationships (Hong Kong, 8-14 Dec 2014)
Deadline CfP: 1 Feb. 2014

UKNA Call for Research Contributions (Urban Knowledge Network Asia)
Deadline: 15 Jan. 2014


IIAS Report: The ‘Framing Asian Studies’ conference, and its framing
By Albert Tzeng
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The IIAS Annual Lectures: Exchanging knowledge and forging links
By Willem Vogelsang
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20 - 21... International Convention of Asia Scholars (ICAS) download PDF

ICAS 8 and the rise of Asia - Tak Wing Ngo

Sweet sixteen - Paul van der Velde, ICAS Secretary


IIAS' outreach activities
By Heleen van der Minne
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35.........  Encouraging young talent download PDF
 - IIAS Masterclasses
 - IIAS National Master's Thesis Prize in Asian Studies 
 - MA courses on Critical Heritage Studies of Asia and Europe

News from Asia


Rohingya or Bengali? Revisiting the politics of labelling
By Su-Ann Oh
| Read more


Ethnic insurgencies and peacemaking in Myanmar
By Tin Maung Maung Than
| Read more

The Focus: Sustainable Humanosphere Studies

23 - 24

Collaborative research in Southeast Asia: towards a sustainable humanosphere
By Mario Lopez
Guest Editor
| Read more



Canals and concrete: floods and the Singapore state
By Loh Kah Seng
| Read more

26 - 27

Sustainable humanosphere in global history
By Kaoru Sugihara
| Read more


28 - 29

Formulating new plantation studies. Nature/non-nature relations in Borneo
By Noboru Ishikawa
| Read more


30 - 31

Termites and human society in Southeast Asia
By Kok-Boon Neoh
| Read more


32 - 33

Humanosphere Potentiality Index. Understanding the sustainability of geosphere, biosphere and human society
By Takahiro Sato, et al
| Read more



Toward forest-based management of the peat lands in Riau, Indonesia
By Kosuke Mizuno
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The Review


A redesign for New Asia Books
By Thomas Voorter
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 39 ....... New titles and new reviews download PDF



20 years of publishing at IIAS: from in-house distribution to publishing with a global reach
By Paul van der Velde

Amsterdam University Press – Asian Studies
Saskia Gieling, publisher at AUP

| Read more



The Sinophone: not from China, but in Chinese
By Antonio Paoliello
| Read more



Melaka revisited
By Niels Mulder
| Read more


42 - 43

Shaping Indonesia
By Lee Kam Hing
| Read more



Social control from below
By Megan Brankley Abbas
| Read more



Aspects of manuscript culture in South India
By Peter Richardus
| Read more

The Study


Tides of tagunggu. Of Sama Dilaut lifeworlds, gongs, and plastic bottles
By Birgit Abels
| Read more


Alternative modernity: re-imagining Asia and Africa
By Priya Maholay-Jaradi
| Read more


Travelling words and their lessons on the 'Indianisation' of Southeast Asia
By Tom Hoogervorst
| Read more

48 - 49

The cityscape of modern Central Asia. The politics of urban renewal in Tashkent
By Elena Paskaleva
| Read more


Gendered labor in 'Paradise': tourism as an engine of change in Bali
By Anette Fagertun
| Read more


Sufism and the secular state: the South Asian experience
By Peter Custers
| Read more


Forgotten cosmopolitanism: revisiting the urban side of Bali
By Amanda Achmadi
| Read more


The uprooted: one boy's story
By Christina Firpo
| Read more


Between religion and history: afterlives of Buddhist relics
By Sraman Mukherjee
| Read more


It's not all about caste
By Manuela Ciotti
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The Portrait


The treasure chambers of the Leiden University Library
By Doris Jedamski
| Read more

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