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The Newsletter 65 Autumn 2013

The Newsletter 65 Autumn 2013

Traditional Indian Medicine

Maarten Bode presents articles from ten scholars on Traditional Indian Medicine. Contributions to this issues’ Focus section consider the contemporary relevance of TIM, its integration into India’s public health system and its role in the west as a form of ‘complementary and alternative medicine’. They explore current and related topics such as providers of Indian medicine, their practices and status, consequences of the commercialisation of Indian medicine, the role of the state, and positivist research.


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The Study


Missionary archaeology on Republican China's southwestern frontier
By Jeff Kyong-McClain
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Cambodian returnees' contributions to transformative change
By Gea Wijers
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6 - 7

'The Chinese Art Deco architect of the 1925 Paris Expo' – My grandfather
By Jennifer Wong
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Islamic bonds unbound: Japan's samurai sukuk
By Scott Morrison
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Special feature page: The Poet


Afrizal Malna: techniques of writing and bodily encounters with urban space
By Andy Fuller
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Special feature page: The Composer

10 - 11

Rabindrasangit: uncovering a 'Bengali secret'
By Rituparna Roy
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12 - 13

From wooden attendants to terracotta warriors
By Maria Khayutina
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The Review

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Power balance
By Emilian Kavalski
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Capturing time and place
By Dick van der Meij
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18 - 19

The international nature of modernity
By Natsuko Akagawa
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Cross border communities
By William B. Noseworthy
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New markets
By John Walsh
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Conceptions of identity in the north
By Felix Siegmund
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Confucius evolving
By Hang Lin
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The Focus: Traditional Indian Medicine

21 - 22

Traditional Indian Medicine: heritage, health security, ontology
By Maarten Bode
Guest Editor
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Directions for the revitalization of Ayurveda in the 21st century
By Darshan Shankar
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24 - 25

The status and role of AYUSH and local health traditions in public health
By Ritu Priya
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Towards recognition of traditional midwives (Dais): The Jeeva Study
By Mira Sadgopal
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From heritage to practice: Ayurveda in Delhi's public healthcare system
By Sharmistha Mallick
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28 - 29

A medicine in loss of identity
By Brigitte Sébastia
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30 - 31

Essentialising the body. Locating medical domination and resistance
By Neshat Quaiser
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32 - 33

From Vaidyam to Kerala Ayurveda. Socio-cultural transformation of a regional medicine
By Leena Abraham
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32 - 34

Revisiting the Kerala Ayurvedic sector. Towards a pharmaceutical vicious circle?
By Harilal Madhavan
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34 - 35

A narrative review of research in Ayurveda
By P. Ram Manohar
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Globalisation of Ayurvedic massage
By Sujatha Venkatesh
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The Network


40 - 41

ICAS 8 Highlights
By Sonja Zweegers
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Endangered guardians of the Sacred Forest
By Alexandra Landmann
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Living Balinese heritage: Palm-leaf manuscripts and their caretakers
By Andrea Acri
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India looked East or the East looked India
By S.D. Muni
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Overwritten and/or erased: Rereading biographies of cloth in the global ecumene
By Aarti Kawlra
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46 - 47

Building social cohesion through culture in conflict and post-conflict contexts
By Sadiah Boonstra
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Chinese descendants in East Asia under Japanese colonialism
By Leo Douw
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China's global backyard: comparing Chinese relations with Southeast Asia and Africa
By Jessica Achberger and Danielle Tan
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Asian urbanism in theory and practice: The future of the vernacular city
By Paul Rabé
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Emerging voices from Southeast Asia
By Fridus Steijlen
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The Portrait


Landscapes of power, recreation and convenience
By Caitlin E. Johnson
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