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The Newsletter 63 Spring 2013

The Newsletter 63 Spring 2013

New Designs for Asia

Asia's remarkable economic and political growth has led some to believe that future historians will be calling the twenty-first century the 'Asian Century'. One of the most important factors fuelling growth is the region's rapid urbanization. Urban Studies and Architecture are important disciplines for anyone interested in trying to pragmatically direct this growth, and help to improve people's lives. In the focus section of this issue , guest editors Gregory Bracken and Bart Kuijpers present 'New Designs for Asia' - student work from the Architecture Faculty, TU Delft, the Netherlands.


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The Study


Contemporary trends in the Mongolian folksong tradition of urtyn duu
By Sunmin Yoon
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The 1876 Chinese post office riot in Singapore
By Lane J. Harris
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6 - 7

Breaking the plough
By Stefan Jeka
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Special feature page: The Opinion

8 - 9

More on Singapore’s Bukit Brown
By Ian Leonard Cook
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China and the International Space Station (ISS): China’s distance from the project
By Kimberly O’Brien
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China’s software struggle: five lessons from the Indian experience
By Jyoti Saraswati
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The Review

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Reassessing Qing provincial power
By Mathew Brundage
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Beyond the surface of discourse
By Niels van Steenpaal
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Not only dragons and lotus blossoms
By Brigitte Borell
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The re-emergence of medical diversity in India
By Helen Lambert
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Winners and losers of development: considerations for Southeast and Southern-East Asia
By William Noseworthy
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The art of interpretation
By Niels Mulder
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The Focus: New Designs for Asia

17 - 18

New Designs for Asia: Student Work from the Architecture Faculty, TU Delft
By Gregory Bracken and Bart Kuijpers
Guest Editors
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Vertical Cities Asia 2012, Yongsan, Seoul: The Open-Ended City
By Stef Bogaerds, Samuel Liew, Jan Maarten Mulder, Erjen Prins, Claudio Saccucci
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20 - 21

Vertical Cities Asia 2012, Yongsan, Seoul: Lifetime City
By Laura Dinkla, Katerina Salonikidi, Maria Stamati, Johnny Tascon Valencia, Qiu Ye
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22 - 23

Redefining the Hong Kong typology
By Elsa Snyder
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24 - 25

Updating Shanghai: life from the ground up
By Bart Kuijpers
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26 - 27

Everyday human experience of space in the Chinese city
By Jasper Nijveldt
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28 - 29

Sublime and heterotopic landscapes
By Jonathan van der Stel
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30 - 31

Alternative thinking within the neoliberal framework. Kowloon City redevelopment
By Ting Wen
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The Network

36 - 37

Whip it up! Cemeti Art House and 25 years of contemporary art
Special feature page: The Art House

By Roy Voragen
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Cakes, canals, and conferences: 17 years of IIAS
Special feature page: The Alumnus

By Alex McKay
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Tamil merchants in India and abroad (9th-14th centuries)
By Risha Lee
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40 - 41

The construction of the Yunnan railway: as seen by a French engineer (1904-1907)
By Vatthana Pholsena
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40 - 41 ...... Poor maritime connectivity in the Straits of Malacca
Nathalie Fau download PDF

The Report


Workshop report of 'Harnessing counter-culture to construct identity: mapping Dalit cultural heritage in contemporary India
By Ronki Ram
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Asian borderlands: connections, corridors and communities
By Erik de Maaker
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The Portrait


DelftWare WonderWare
By Titus M. Eliëns
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