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The Newsletter 61 Autumn 2012

The Newsletter 61 Autumn 2012

Swiss photographic collections on Asia

When you understand where you come from and the environment around you, you can take the future into your hands and contribute to a better destiny. Guest editors Paul Bucherer-Dietschi and Anke Schürer-Ries introduce the photographic collections on Asia in Swiss archives, comment on their significance to research and cultural heritage, and reflect on the technical and methodological aspects of building and maintaining such collections.


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The Study

4 - 5

Of methods and aims: The field of archaeology in colonial India
By Sraman Mukherjee
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6 - 7

Lost paradise
By Louis Zweers
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8 - 10

The tale of Lampung submerged: A native’s reflections of the cataclysmic eruption of Mount Krakatau in 1883
By Suryadi
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Internal child trafficking in China
By Anqi Shen, Georgios A. Antonopoulos, and Georgios Papanicolaou
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Mall danger
Special feature page: The Opinion
By Andy Fuller
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The Focus: Swiss photographic collections on Asia

21 - 23

Swiss photographic collections on Asia
By Paul Bucherer-Dietschi, Anke Schürer-Ries, and Benno Widmer
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24 - 25

A picturesque journey through India 1786-1794. Watercolours by Thomas and William Daniell
By Roland Steffant
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26 - 28

The visual heritage of Afghanistan
By Dominic Wirz, Anke Schürer-Ries and Paul Bucherer-Dietschi
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29 - 31

Visualising history and space in the Basel Mission Archives
By Guy Thomas & Anke Schürer-Ries
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32 - 33

Visual anthropology as a discipline of words. On the importance of the verbal in visual archives
By Christof Thurnherr
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34 - 36

Photographic partners for ethnographic artefacts
By Thomas Psota
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The Review

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The Chinese Communist Party, then and now
By Mireille Mazard
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16 - 17

The 1965-1966 killings: Facts and fictions in dangerous liaisons
By Ariel Heryanto
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18 - 19

Women on the move
By Su Lin Lewis
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Twice hidden, twice forgotten
By Niels Mulder
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Buddhist murals of northeast Thailand
By William Noseworthy
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Science and technology
By Lewis Pyenson
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38 - 39

Creating places and connections: A review of Arte-Polis 4
Special feature page: The Place-makers
By Roy Voragen
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The Network

40 - 43... News from Asia download PDF

44 - 46... Critical heritage studies:
IIAS summer school revisited
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50 - 52... IIAS Outreach:
Hortus Malabaricus in the year 2012
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53..........  Amsterdam sojourns
Special feature page: The Alumnus
OOI Keat Gin
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The Portrait


A palace of eternity: A Chu King’s tomb in Beidongshan
By James Lin
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