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The Newsletter 60 Summer 2012

The Newsletter 60 Summer 2012

Africa and the Chinese way

China is both a global power and a developing country – clearly still finding its way in the international system. Guest editor, Frans-Paul van der Putten, focuses on China’s relations with the African continent and how they diff er from those of other influential actors. The Focus articles identify specific elements of the Chinese way of dealing with political-economic diversity in the developing world; elements which allow China to clearly distinguish itself from the West.


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The Study

4 - 5

The multiple meanings of tradition
By Catherine Ingram
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6 - 7

On the causes of socialism’s deconstruction
By Irina Morozova
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8 - 9

Mukul Dey: an autobiographically modern Indian artist
By Adrienne Fast
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Translation studies go Asian in a quantitative way
By Alexandre Sotov and Meng Ji
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Opium, empire and Assam
By Kawal Deep Kour
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12 - 13

The forgotten Penang hill station
By Louis Zweers
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Kazakhstan and Perestroika: was a chance at “heroism” lost?
By Tolganay Umbetalieva
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Tackling the overweight problem: healthy Japan was no exception
By Kaori Takano
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Reading seventeenth century Dutch
Special feature page: The Alumnus

By Willem Vogelsang
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The Focus: Africa and the Chinese way

19 - 20

Africa and the Chinese way
By Frans-Paul van der Putten
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Choose your own development path: providing advice without interference?
By Sanne van der Lugt
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22 - 23

Harmony, unity and diversity in China’s world
By William A. Callahan
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24 - 25

How China seduces Africa
By Mamoudou Gazibo & Olivier Mbabia
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26 - 27

China’s policy toward Africa: a Chinese perspective
By Zhang Qingmin and Song Wei
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28 - 29

Harmonious racism. China’s civilizational soft power in Africa
By Chih-Yu Shih
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China and Africa’s development: the testing ground of a world power
By Stephen Ellis
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The Review

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32 - 33

Geopolitical contention and institutional inadequacy in the global energy game
By Yifei Li
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Individual choice but not individualism: new mortuary rites in Japan
By Eyal Ben-Ari
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Rejection and embrace
By William Noseworthy
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Analysing China’s changing society
By C.M. de Boer
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Strategic restraint?
By Chris Ogden
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Memorial landscapes
By Nicholas Tarling
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The Network

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The Portrait


The most beautiful flowers often bloom in hidden places
By Matthias Naranjo Aguilera
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