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The Newsletter 59 Spring 2012

The Newsletter 59 Spring 2012

Postcolonial dialogues

Guest editor Michiel Baas offers a selection of examples of the confusing image painted by postcolonial dialogues, in which certain colonial pasts are celebrated, yet simultaneously recognised for the atrocities committed. The discussion brings us to the question of the post in postcolonial, and thus to the present day, because even though structures of inequality were put in place during colonial days, they often see their perpetuation and/or reinvention for many years after Independence.


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The Study

4 - 5

Battered Beauties: a study of French colonial markets in Cambodia
By Simone Bijlard
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6 - 7

Perso-Indica: a critical survey of Persian works on Indian learned traditions
By Audrey Truschke
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Stepping forth into the world: the Chinese educational mission and its antecedents
By Edward J. M. Rhoads
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Evaluating Sino-African relations: new wine in old bottles?
By Timothy S. Rich & Sterling Recker
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10 - 11

The formation (and dissolution?) of a democratic politics in the Maldives
By Scott Morrison
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12 - 13

"Like tenderloin in a cow": Memoirs of former Communist Party of Burma insurgents in today's China
By Nyíri Pál
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14 - 15

Civil war in Sri Lanka: Genesis, culmination and the UN report
By Anshuman Rawat
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Science in a changing world
Special feature page: The Opinion

By Gerard A. Persoon & Jan van der Ploeg
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The Survey


Our strengths, our challenges
Special feature spread
By Thomas Voorter
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The Focus: Postcolonial dialogues

23 - 25

Postcolonial dialogues
By Michiel Baas
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26 - 27

Disturbing Conventions. Wherefore postcolonial theory in contemporary Thai cultural studies?
By Rachel V. Harrison
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28 - 29

From colonial site to cultural heritage. Rethinking postcolonialism and decolonization in Taiwan.
By Lung-chih Chang & Min-chin Kay Chiang
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30 - 31

Travelling far on "rather short legs". Company-furniture on the move and the problem of shared heritage
By Marieke Bloembergen & Martijn Eickhoff
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32 - 33

"Never forget national humiliation". Postcolonial consciousness and China's rise
By Zheng Wang
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Commercial Burmanization: two adverts by Burmah Oil Company in postcolonial Burma
By Tharapi Than
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The Review

17 - 18 New for review download PDF


By Fabrizio M. Ferrari
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A Chinese scroll through time
By Lucien van Valen
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Rumah Abu Han, a historic ancestral house in Surabaya
By Kathleen Azali
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38 - 39

Deepening and decentralising the study of politics in Indonesia
By Graeme MacRae
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Modes of comparison for structures of modernity
By Pamela Nguyen Corey
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Trees for the wood
By Niels Mulder
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Making sense of the state from its margins
By Olivia Swift
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Inverted state-building and local resource politics in Eastern Indonesia
By Jaap Timmer
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44 - 45

The Asia Art Archive in Hong Kong
Special feature spread: The Archivist

By Roy Voragen
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Floating on water
By Dick van der Meij
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The Network

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The Portrait


China of bronze and gold: The Dong Bo Zhai collection
By Monique Crick
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