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The Newsletter 58 Autumn 2011

The Newsletter 58 Autumn 2011

Food Security and Land Grabbing

Local crop or foreign commodity? Guest editor Annelies Zoomers considers the food security debate in Asia, in the context of domestic and international land acquisitions intended to meet increasing demands for both food and (bio)energy. Various strategies, such as offshore farming, the creation of agro-hubs, and foreign investors, aim to increase food security, yet often have an adverse impact on local communities and their ecosystems.


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The Study

4 - 5

Maclaine Pont and the discovery of Bharada's Hermitage
By Amrit Gomperts, Arnoud Haag and Peter Carey
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6 - 7

The Chinese century
By Gregory Bracken
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8 - 9

Shanghai under siege: letters and photographs of Karel Frederik Mulder 
By Louis Zweers
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The cultural crossroads: St. Petersburg, Batavia, Amsterdam
By Irina R. Katkova
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Chinese logic and Chinese philosophy: reconstruction or integration?
By Fenrong Liu and Jeremy Seligman
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12 - 13

Power politics and the contested meaning of heritage: Nepal’s civil war (1996-2006)
By Marloes van Houten
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14 - 15

The making of Southeast Asian silicon valleys: the perspective of the geeks
By Zane Kripe
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16 - 17

Pyongyang goes back to the Party
Special feature page: The Opinion

By Glyn Ford
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The Focus: Food security and land grabbing

19 - 20

Food security strategies in South and Southeast Asia
By Annelies Zoomers
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Rethinking China's 'land grabs'
By Irna Hofman and Peter Ho
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22 - 23

A new equation for oil palm
By Paul Burgers and Ari Susanti
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24 - 25

Food security and energy development in Vietnam
By Pham Huu Ty, Tran Nam Tu and Guus van Westen
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26 - 27

Land acquisitions by non-local actors
By Men Prachvuthy and Guus van Westen
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28 - 29

Forests and food security
By Terry C.H. Sunderland
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The Review

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Indigenous history: an antidote to the Zomia theory?
By Eisel Mazard
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32 - 33

Upward and downward mobility through migration: responses to an anthropological documentary on Indian youngsters in London
By Mario Rutten, Sanderien Verstappen, and Isabelle Makay
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34 - 35

Peripheral Philippines
By Niels Mulder
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Festschrift: Asia in three parts
By Julia Read
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36 - 37

Double feature
By Nicholas Tarling
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By Andy Fuller
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38 - 39

Lontar: found in translation
Special feature page: The Translator

By Roy Voragen
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George Chinnery comes home
By Patrick Conner
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