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The Newsletter 52 Winter 2009

The Newsletter 52 Winter 2009

Genomics in Asia

Guest Editor Margaret Sleeboom-Faulkner’s theme on Genomics in Asia reveals the promise of revolutionary technologies and biomedical knowledge but also the bioethical concerns their application brings.

Contents #52

Winter 2009

1 Cover
2 - 3 Contents | From the Editor

The Study

4-5 The Shanghai model Gregory Bracken
6 Thailand’s acrimonious adjacency to Cambodia (Part 2) Eisel Mazard
7 Indonesian literature in exile, 1965-1998 Dorothea Schaefter
8 - 9 Journey through the archipelago: Photographs of the former Dutch East Indies Louis Zweers
10 A tale of two systems: questioning land tenure reform in China Yongjun Zhao
11 Local party procedures: field notes from Malang Ulla Fionna
12 - 13 Eroding Kashmiriyat Sanjeeb Mohanty
14 The Orissa famine of 1866 Ganeswar Nayak
15 International student mobility Nicholas Tarling

The Focus: Genomics in Asia

16 Bioethics and life science in Asia Margaret Sleeboom-Faulkner
17 Life without value? Voices of embryo donors for hESC research in China Achim Rosemann
18 - 19 'What would you do, doctor sahib?' Pre-natal testing in the socio-cultural context of India Jyotsna Agnihotri Gupta
20 - 21 Selective abortion in Japan Masae Kato
22 Double discrimination Sickle cell anaemia prevention programmes in India Prasanna Kumar Patra
23 Creating a 'saviour sibling' in China Suli Sui
24 Turning misfortune into blessing Public confidence in hESC after Hwang Seyoung Hwang
25 Beyond Hwang ‘International stem cell war’ in South Korea Leo Kim
26 Human subjects in Chinese ethnic biobanks Jan-Eerik Leppanen
27 Biomedical research in South Asia. Ethical review, remit and responsibility Robert Simpson

The Review

28 - 29 New For Review
30 Bookmarked
31 The folk zoology of Southeast Asian wildmen Raymond Corbey
32 Revisiting Sugarlandia Ghulam A. Nadri
33 Model mythical women  Vasudha Dalmia
34 Is the grass greener on the ‘Other’ side? Karma Phuntsho
35 All at sea? Hans Schenk
36 National politics, local contexts Dirk Tomsa
37 ‘Inventing’ the horse Nicholas Tarling
36 - 37 Reinventing the wheel Niels Mulder
38 - 39 The State and statism in Burma (Myanmar) Donald M. Seekins

The Network

40 - 41 IIAS News and comment
42 - 43 ICAS Book Prize 2009 | ICAS 6th International Convention
44 Announcements
45 IIAS Research
46 IIAS Fellows
47 Colophon

The Portrait

48 Kazakh embroidered wall hangings Anna Portisch

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