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The Newsletter 50 Spring 2009

The Newsletter 50 Spring 2009


Guest Editor Chris Goto-Jones guides us through CyberAsia, a brave new world offering new technologies, new knowledge and new ways of thinking about Asia.

Contents #50

The Fiftieth Issue

1 Cover
2 Welcome | Contents
3 From the Director
Max Sparreboom (Director, IIAS)
4 Paul van der Velde: The Newsletter’s first editor

The Study: Return

5 The changing order of mobility in Asia
Xiang Biao
6 Moral mobility: Return in the Japanese community in Brazil 1908-1955
Koji Sasaki
7 Guiqiao: returnees as a policy subject in China
Wang Cangbai
8 Compulsory return: a means of migration control in East Asia
Xiang Biao
9 Forced return: the deportation of former Cambodian refugees from the US
Sylvia R. Cowan

The Study: General

10-11 Race and empire: Japan, the Hague Convention and the prewar world
Ethan Mark
12-13 Developing fears: environmental conflicts and pollution accidents in China
Yu Hou and Tian-zhu Zhang
14-15 Kazi Nazrul Islam: Bengal's prophet of tolerance
Peter Custers
16-17 Eloquent parrots: mixed language and the examples of hinglish and rekhti
Ruth Vanita
18 CyberAsia
Chris Goto-Jones
19 What is a techno-region?
Thomas Lamarre
20-21 Animalisation, subjectivity and the Internet
Fabian Schäfer
22-23 Alien autopsy: the science fictional frontier of Asian Studies
Chris Goto-Jones
24 Heidi in Japan: what do anime dreams of Europe mean for non-Europeans?
Cobus van Staden
25 Bloggers, hackers and the King Kong syndrome
Jeroen de Kloet
26-27 In the year 2020: Muslim futurities in Southeast Asia
Bart Barendregt
28-29 Chinascape: moving beyond the People’s Republic
Jens Damm
30-31 New For Review
32 Bookmarked
32 Raise your profile via New Asia Books
Thomas Voorter
33 Mind, mayhem and money
John A. Crespi
34 The rise of China: balancing influence and engagement
David Scott
35 The cartography of self-assertion
Anna Beerens
36-37 A Japanese bestiary from 1700 to 1950
Elizabeth Horton Sharf
38 Cambodia’s religions, in ashes and in ink
Eisel Mazard
39 Don’t forget to remember me
Dick van der Meij
40-41 IIAS News and comment
42-43 ICAS Book Prize 2009: longlists announced
44 Announcements
45 IIAS Research
46 IIAS Fellows
47 International conference agenda / Colophon
48 Silk Stories: Taisho Kimono 1900-1940
Anna Yeadell

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