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The Newsletter 46 Winter 2008

The Newsletter 46 Winter 2008

The Politics of Dress

The carnival of colour that accompanies the annual summits of Asia Pacific Rim leaders in the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) group is a unique event of political fancy dress. This invented tradition recorded in the annual formal photographs requires all participating political leaders to wear clothing deemed typical of the host nation. The public sharing of fashion across cultures suggests a willingness to consider the world from an alternative perspective - walking in another’s shoes - even if only for a very short period ...

Contents #46

2 Director's note
Max Sparreboom (Director, IIAS)

The Politics of Dress

1 & 3 Transnational flows and the politics of dress in Asia / Mina Roces and Louise Edwards
4 - 5 Gender, nation and the politics of dress in 20th century Philippines / Mina Roces
6 - 7 Dressing for power: Scholar’s robes, school uniforms and military attire in China / Louise Edwards
8 - 9 Modernity, gender and the empire: Gender, citizenship and dress in modernising Japan / Barbara Molony
9 - 10 Refashioning civilisation: Dress and bodily practice in Thai nation building / Maurizio Peleggi
11 Nationalism by design: The politics of dress in British Burma / Penny Edwards
12 - 13 Identity, nation and Islam / Jean Gelman Taylor


15 Post-cold war Indo-Pak friendship: Giving peace a chance after 9/11 / Sanjeeb Kumar Mohanty
16 An end to the history of silence? : The Dutch trade in Asian slaves: Arakan and the Bay of Bengal, 1621 – 1665 / Wil O. Dijk
17 Searching for Islamic manuscripts in Western Sumatra / Irina R. Katkova
18 French-language representations of India: Globalised research across national disciplinary boundaries / Ian Magedera
19 Toward a true Eurasia? : EU strategy in Central Asia: a view from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan / Aigerim Shilibekova
20 - 21 Tseren’s last gold rush: Tales of yartsa-hunting in Tibet / Emilia Sulek
21 - 22 The Convention on Biological Diversity: Indigenous peoples and the world of science / Gerard A. Persoon and Myrna Eindhoven
22 - 23 People, park and partnership: Problems and possible solutions in the Morowali Nature Reserve / Jabar Lahadji
24 - 25 Takeuchi Yoshimi and the dilemmas of resistance to global capitalist modernity / Viren Murthy


26 - 27 Photographic panoramas by German and Chinese photographers in Singapore / Jason Toh

Book Reviews

28 New For Review
29 Tag clouds in the research sphere / Thomas Voorter
29 Bookmarked
30 Beijing: from imperial capital to Olympic city / Kerry Brown
31 Learning letters on cold nights / Anna Beerens
32 Brothers in arms: the Tay Son uprising / Ku Boon Dar
33 Khmer Buddhists respond to the challenges of modernity / Martin Stuart-Fox
34 The past is never past: making sense of Chinese time / Gregory Bracken
34 - 35 Wagging the dog? The media’s role in Asian conflicts / Naresh Kumar
36 Mongolian foreign policy: the Chinese dimension / Irina Morozova
37 The new decentralisation: ‘blossoming’ ethnic and religious conflict in Indonesia / Karel Steenbrink

Institutional News

38 - 40 Network Asia
43 IIAS Research
44 - 45 Announcements
46 IIAS Fellows
47 International Conference Agenda
48 Colophon

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