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The Newsletter 45 Autumn 2007

The Newsletter 45 Autumn 2007

Transnational marriage in Asia

“He’s everything to me. Because when I’m with him, I’m respectable. I’m a success now (jadi orang). Before I was scum, always being taunted by people, being laughed at, being sneered at because of my work, my immoral work. That’s why I’m so grateful – truly grateful – to have my husband”. Former Indonesian sex worker, Ani.

Contents #45

2 Building bridges to, from and with Asia. Director's note
Max Sparreboom (Director, IIAS)

Transnational Marriage in Asia

1 & 4 Living apart together: cross-border marriage, Riau Islands style / Lenore Lyons and Michele Ford
3 Transnational marriage in Asia / Melody Lu
5 Muslim transnational families: Pakistani husbands and Japanese wives / Shuko Takeshita
6 Remittances and ‘social remittances': Their impact on cross-cultural
marriage and social transformation
/ Panitee Suksomboon
7 ‘Daughter-in-law for the second time': Taiwanese mothers-in-law in the
family of cross-border marriage
/ Hsing-Miao Chi
9 ‘Arranged love': marriage in a transnational work envirnoment /
Michiel Baas

In Focus: Development Discourse

10 - 11 Making poverty history? Unequal development today / Jomo K. Sundaram (extract from Wertheim Lecture 2007)
12 - 13 Goals set for the poor, goalposts set by the rich: Millennium Development Goals and the dumbing-down of development / Ashwani Saith


14 Curating controversy: exhibiting the Second World War in Japan and United States since 1995 / Laura Hein
15 The ‘Great Game' continued: Central Eurasia and Caspian region fossil
/ Xuetang Guo and Mehdi P. Amineh
16 - 17 Asian New Religious Movements as global cultural systems /
Wendy A. Smith
18 From tin to Ali Baba's gold: the evolution of Chinese entrepreneurship in Malaysia / Chin Yee Whah
19 Still standing: the maintenance of a white elite in Mauritius / Tijo Salverda
20 - 21 No place like home?: Return and circular migration among elderly
Chinese in the Netherlands
/ David Engelhard
22 Chinese medicine in East Africa and its effectiveness / Elisabeth Hsu
23 Taking traditional knowledge to market: looking at Asian medical traditions through the lens of medicines and manufacturers / Maarten Bode
24 - 25 Agarwood: the life of a wounded tree / Gerard A. Persoon
26 The unbearable absence of parasols: the formidable weight of a colonial Java status symbol / Liesbeth Hesselink
27 Uncovering hidden treasures: establishing the discipline of
Indian manuscriptology
/ Daniel Stender


28 - 29 MuXiYuan: a neighbourhood untouched in a changing Beijing / Jikky Lam

Book Reviews

30 New For Review
31 An indispensible tool for the busy Asian Studies scholar / Thomas Voorter
31 Bookmarked
32 Encapsulate everything, grasp nothing: Russian imperialist discourse in
/ Nathan Light
32 Intimate Empire: bodily contacts in an imperial zone / Clare Anderson
33 Not just nuns and oracles: contemporary Tibetan women / Sara Shneiderman
34 Chinese voices on abortion / Margaret Sleeboom-Faulkner
35 Getting beyond image to realist in Burma (Myanmar) / Donald M. Seekins
36 On the independence of civil society: the case of the Philippines / Niels Mulder
37 - 38 The sophisticated aesthetics of Ehon and Ukiyo-e of a Meiji period
/ Patricia J. Graham
38 The return of Dr Strangelove or: should we really stop worrying and learn to love India's bomb? / Nadja-Christina Schneider

Institutional News

39 - 40 Announcements
41 ASÍS - Forging links between distant lands
42 ECAF - Leading European institutions launch a consortium for Asian Field Studies
43 ICAS update
44 IIAS research
45 IIAS fellows
46 - 47 International Conference Agenda
48 Colophon

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