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The Newsletter 43 Spring 2007

The Newsletter 43 Spring 2007

Comparative Intellectual Histories of Early Modern Asia

The Master Class on “Comparative Intellectual Histories of the Early Modern World” was held at the International Institute for Asian Studies in Leiden in May-June, 2006. The idea of a master class – assembling a team of scholars to discuss recent advances in a field with doctoral and postdoctoral students – is the brain child of IIAS’s former director, Wim Stokhof, and I express my thanks to him for his vision and energy in making this intellectual experiment possible.

Contents #43

2 Director's note
Max Sparreboom (Director, IIAS)
3 Announcements

Comparative Intellectual Histories of Early Modern Asia

1 & 4 We need to find what we are not looking for / Sheldon Pollock
5-6 Early modern classicism and late imperial China / Benjamin A. Elman
7 On Islam and comparative intellectual history / Michael Cook
8 The problem of early modernity in the Sanskrit intellectual tradition / Sheldon Pollock
9 The historiography of protest in late Mamluk and early Ottoman Egypt and Syria / Amina Elbendary
10 Can we speak of an 'early modern' world? / Peter Burke
11 Opening the gate of verification: intellectual trends in the 17th century Arab-Islamic world / Khaled El-Rouayheb
12 Early modern Sanskrit thought and the quest for a perfect understanding of property / Ethan Kroll
13 Saying one thing, doing another? / Gijs Kruijtzer


14 Empires and exact sciences in pre-modern Eurasia / Kim Plofker
15 Fiction is philosophy: interview with Lulu Wang / Tao Yue
16 A new research culture for the marginalised in Bangladesh / Jos van Beurden
17 Beyond economics: transnational labour migration in Asia and the Pacific / Toon van Meijl

Photo Essay

18-19 Punjabis in East Africa

Book Reviews

20 Books received
21 Britain, Southeast Asia and the Korean War / Thomas Crump
21 China's Tibet: marginalisation through development? / Alpo Ratia
22 A slow road to regionalism / Mark Beeson
23 Chinese experience of the Korean War / Adam Cathcart
24 On archives / Mark Turin
25 Living heritage: vernacular architecture in China / Marcel Vellinga
26 Female and single: negotiating personal and social boundaries in Indonesian society / Muhammed Hassanali
27 State and society in the Philippines / Niels Mulder
28 Kerala's cashew workers / Manja Bomhoff
29 Habermas in India / Hans Schenk

Institutional News

30-31 ICAS 5 Update and ICAS book prize
32 IIAS fellows
33 IIAS research
34-35 Asia Alliance and Announcements
36-37 Arts agenda
38-39 International conference agenda
40 Colophon

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