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The Newsletter 39 Winter 2005

The Newsletter 39 Winter 2005

Cultures of confinement

A global history of the prison

Contents #39

2 East-West meeting space / Director's note

Cultures of confinement: a global history of the prison

1 & 4 Introduction: cultures of confinement / Frank Dikötter
5 Colonial Burma’s prison: continuity with its pre-colonial past? / Thet Thet Wintin and Ian Brown
6 India: the prisoners’ revolt / David Arnold
7 In her aunt’s house: women in prison in the Middle East / Anthony Gorman
8 Blurring the boundaries: prisons and settler society in Hokkaido / Pia Vogler


9 Pulau di atas pulau & In-communicado / Sitor Situmorang
9 Kembara jauh & wayang i / Mohamad Haji Salleh


10 The prose of the world: the field speaks for itself / Saskia Kersenboom
11 Ancient Chinese ritual dances / Nicolas Standaert
12 - 13 The Great Fifth / Samten G. Karmay
14 Black Fever and British medical policy in India / Achintya Kumar Dutta
15 Urban elections in the People’s Republic / Thomas Heberer
16 Rendering history through the Sinhala novel / Manouri K. Jayasinghe
17 In the footsteps of Hayam Wuruk / Amrit Gomperts
18 Asians in Africa: images, histories and portraits / Gijsbert Oonk
19 The virtual second generation: negotiating ethnicity on the internet / Urmila Goel

Rem Koolhaas IIAS Annual Lecture

20 - 21 Warchitecture / Rick Dolphijn


22 Women of the kakawin world / Dick van der Meij
23 Caring for Japan's elderly / Elisabeth Schröder-Butterfill
24 Museums, material culture and performance in Southeast Asia / Sandra Dudley
25 Bringing Indonesian media history to life / David T. Hill
26 Language and politics in Mao's China / Manfred B. Sellner
27 Globalization and local development in India / Hans Schenk
28 Books received

International Institute for Asian Studies

29 IIAS fellows
30 Hosting major international sports events: comparing Asia and Europe / Wolfram Manzenreiter and John Horne
31 European Alliance for Asian Studies
32 IIAS research
33 - 34 Announcements
35 A tale of two museums. Indonesia: The Discovery of the Past / Pieter ter Keurs
36-37 International arts agenda / Carol Brash
38-39 International conference agenda
40 Colophon

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