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The Newsletter 30 Spring 2003

The Newsletter 30 Spring 2003

Psychiatry in Asia

Academic interest in the history of psychiatry and a general fascination with how ‘madness’ fared during the modern period were particularly prominent in Western countries during the 1970s and 1980s in the wake of Foucault’s ground-breaking work on Madness and Civilization and the high-profile campaigns of the anti-psychiatry movement. More recently, problems arising from the de-institutionalization of the mentally ill and the search for safe and financially and socially viable community care options and preventative mental health care measures have rekindled this earlier interest.

Editorial Page

2 Editorial / Maurice Sistermans
2 Director’s Note on ASEM / Wim Stokhof
2 Reply from the Author / Shalini Sharma
2 Letter to Editor / Birenda Raj Giri

General News

1 From Aristocrats to Primitives: An Interview with Gananath Obeyesekere / Han ten Brummelhuis (p. 1, 4 & 5)
3 Settling the Past and the Distribution of Justice in Post-Authoritarian South Korea / Koen De Ceuster
5 Asia and Europe Should Cooperate Anew / J. Thomas Lindblad

Theme: Psychiatry in Asia

6 Psychiatry in Asia / Waltraud Ernst
7 Buddhism, Psychology, and Geopolitics / John Pickering (p. 6-7)
8 Why Psychiatry Matters in China / Nancy N. Chen
8 Psychoanalysis in the Chinese Context / Jingyuan Zhang (p. 8-9)
9 Psychoanalysis in Japan / Andra Alvis
10 Freud on Garuda’s Wings: Psychoanalysis in Colonial India / Christiane Hartnack
11 Tradition and Modernity of Islamic Psychiatric Care in the Subcontinent / Fabrizio Speziale

Research & Reports

12 Bidesia: Migration, Change, and Folk Culture / Badri Narayan Tiwari
13 A Thousand and One Identities: A Meeting with Shauna Singh Baldwin,
Shashi Tharoor, and Krishna Baldev Vaid
/ Thomas de Bruijn

A Martyr’s Tale: The Life, Death, and Posthumous Career of Yang Jisheng / Kenneth J. Hammond


Artificial Languages: Asian Background and Influences / Frits Staal

16 Colonial and Post-Colonial Hybridities: Eurasians in India / Lionel Caplan
17 When It Is Good To Be Bad: Medieval Indo-Tibetan Tantric Buddhist Apologetics / Isabelle Onians
18 Sanskrit Manuals on Dance / Marina V. Orelskaya
19 Global Performances in Jaipur / Matthew Isaac Cohen
20 Exoticism and Nostalgia: Consuming Southeast Asian Handicrafts in Japan / Ayami Nakatani
21 Burma- Myanma(r) Research and Its Future / Donald M. Seekins
22 Ethnic Nationalism in Nepal / Bal Gopal Shrestha
23 Cultural Landscape in Change / Robert Weber
23 The Seven-Word Controversy / Moch Nur Ichwan (p. 23-24)
24 Power, Religion and Terror in Indonesia / Bernard Adeney-Risakotta
25 Describing Kekerasan: Reconciling the Local and the National / Jemma Purdey
26 Infrastructure of the Imagination - Interview with Patricia Spyer / Jasper van de Kerkhof
26 Publication Trends in Indonesian Studies: The Asia-Pacific Region as New Gravitation Centre / Arndt Graf (p. 26-27)
27 Research on the Collection of Ceramics / Ruth Prior
28 The Politics of Culture in Transnational Management: China during the Twentieth Century / Leo Douw & Chan Kwok Bun (p. 28-29)
29 What is Bon Medicine? / Mona Schrempf & Frances Garrett

Wellcome Asia: Histories of Medicine in the UK / Sanjoy Bhattacharya


30 Contemporary Korean Cinema / Roald H. Maliangkay
31 State Formation in Korea / Elisabeth Chabanol
32 A Korean View of Korean Literature / Boudewijn Walraven
32 House of Glass / Heidi Dahles (p. 32-33)
33 Moral Fictions: Tamil Folktales in Oral Tradition / Nile Green
34 Bali: Living in Two Worlds / Laura Noszlopy
34 The Politics of Multiculturalism / Marie-Aimée Tourres (p. 34-35)
35 Preservation of Archives in Tropical Climates / Roger Tol
36 Tourism, Anthropology and China / Margaret Sleeboom
37 Of Moon and Man: A Close look at Chines Landscape Painting / Ricarda Daberkow
37 Differentiation and Integration in Daoism / Paul van Els
38 Women’s Images Men’s Imagination / Victor A. van Bijlert
38 Comintern Eastern Policy and Iran / Touraj Atabaki
38 The Prelude to Empire / Bhaswati Bhattacharya
39 Southern Exposure: Modern Japanese Literature from Okinawa / Leith Morton
40 Books Received

Asian Art & Cultures

41 Exhibiting Chola Bronzes / Debra Diamond
42 Parviz Tanavoli: Sculpted Poetry / Nina Cichocki
43 The Traditional Arts of South Asia / Crispin Branfoot
44 Asian Art Agenda / Kristy Phillips (p. 44-45)
45 Asian Art Online / Thomas Berghuis


46 Asian Space / David Soo
47 Globalizing Media and Local Society in Indonesia / Makoto Koike
47 Fatwa and Religious Authority in Indonesia / Nico Kaptein & Michael Laffan
48 IIAS Research programmes
48 IIAS Publications
49 IIAS Research Fellows
56 IIAS Staff
50 Asia Alliance Partners

Mega-Urbanization in Asia and Europe / Freek Colombijn & Peter Nas

51 ICAS 3 Singapore Update
51 After September 11: Islamism in Southeast Asia / Noorhaidi Hasan
51 ICAS Secretariat

European Associations for Asian Studies


Bangkok in the Age of Partnership / Hendrik E. Niemeijer

52 Clerks’ Jobs for 12 Historians / Hendrik E. Niemeijer


53 ICOPHIL 2004
53 NIOD Fellowships in Southeast Asian Studies / Peter Post
53 Sri Lanka at the Crossroads / Sarath Amarasinghe
53 Religious Mobilization and Organized Violence in Contemporary South Asia / Ravinder Kaur & Christian Lund
54 International Conference Agenda (p. 54-55)


46 Advertising in this newsletter
48 IIAS Info
56 Index IIAS Newsletter #30 - Colophon

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