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The Newsletter 27 Spring 2002

The Newsletter 27 Spring 2002

Afghanistan: Picking up the Pieces

Lest we forget,the burning of cultural objects such as musical instruments and manuscripts, the destruction of statues and images considered idols, and the wartime pillage and trade in valuable cultural artefacts – none of this type of devastation is new to humankind. However, seemingly out of sight and memory, as we turn our gazes away, some of the shards left behind in the rubble are picked up and saved. When considering this issue’s theme section, we were hesitant that anything on Afghanistan would wade into the mire of political debate, which is not our mandate; however, and especially in this case, to assume a dismissive posture to political issues would also be inappropriate. Thus, we asked some prominent scholars to describe their work, their findings and, if possible, their experiences in the field ...

Editorial Page

2 Editorial / Tanja Chute
2 A Word about the EC’s New Document, Europe and Asia / Wim Stokhof

General News

1 Enhancing the EU’s Partnership with Asia / Chris Patten (p.1, 3 - 4)
4 IIAS Annual Lecture: The Question Round East Asia
5 An Interview with Professor Chenmain Wang / Masayuki Sato
6 Uighur Muslims and Separatism in China / Sean Yom
7 The WWF in China and Chinese Environmentalism Today / Marloes Rozing

Theme: Afghanistan. Picking up the Pieces

8 Introduction / Tanja Chute & Ellen M. Raven
8 Ancient Afghanistan through the Eyes of Charles Masson (1800-1853) / Elizabeth Errington
9 Travelogue of an Ethnomusicologist / Jan van Belle
11 Ethnomusicological Research in Afghanistan / John Baily
12 On Kings and Nomads / Nicholas Sims-Williams
13 The Destruction of Afghanistan’s Cultural Heritage / Osmund Bopearachchi
14 The Chaman-i-Hazuri Hoard / Ellen M. Raven
15 It is Time to Pick up Stones / Victor Sarianidi
15 The Buddhas of Bamiyan (continued) / Juliette van Krieken
16 Ellen M. Raven: Guest Editor
Josephine Powell
Kern Institute & Gerda Theuns-de Boer / Tanja Chute

Research & Reports


The Life of Hindus in Britain / Shalini Sharma

24 Asia in Europe, Europe in Asia / Mario Rutten & Srilata Ravi
24 New Global Networking in the Automobile Industry / Yuri Sadoi
25 Renegotiations of the Public and the Private in the Netherlands / Rajni
25 Asian Artisans and Small-Scale Producers in the Global Economy / Mario Rutten & Tim Scrase
  Southeast Asia
18 Rethinking the Islamization of the Malay World / Farish Noor
21 The Religious Factor in Recent Political Transformations in Southeast Asia / Johan Meuleman & Andrée Feillard
26 Media, State, & NGOs and the Imagining of the Mentawaian Community / Myrna Eindhoven
26 Coping, Adapting, Thriving / Matthew Isaac Cohen
27 Caught between Three Fires / Muhamad Hisyam
28 Overcoming Terminological Ethnocentrism / Cliff Goddard
29 Madame Butterfly in a Robinson Reading / Doris Jedamski
30 The Leviathan’s Military Arm / Tobias Rettig
30 Indonesia across Orders / Evelien Buchheim, Remco Raben & Peter Post
31 Decolonizations, Loyalties and Nations / John Kleinen & Remco Raben
32 Java through the Eyes of Van Kinsbergen / Gerda Theuns-de Boer
33 New Horizons for Social Research using Digital Media in Southeast Asia / Aileen Toohey and Roxana Waterson East Asia
19 Japan as Imagined by Arabs / Mona Abaza
20 Xun Zi in the Intellectual Context of Early China / Masayuki Sato
21 In Search of the Chinese Muslim Diaspora / Eric Germain
22 Moving toward a Mature, Balanced Stage of Studying Christianity in China / Peter Chen-main Wang


42 Books Received
52 CLARA Publications
  Central Asia
40 Tibetan Pilgrimage Texts / Toni Huber
41 Kantanjur and Tibetan Information Technology / Tashi Tsering
  South Asia
39 Madhumalati: An Indian Sufi Romance / Thomas de Bruijn
39 Agniyuger Agnikatha “Yugantar” / Victor van Bijlert
39 Bengal: Rethinking History / Victor van Bijlert
40 A Journalist’s Encyclopaedia on the Democratic Movement in Nepal / Mark Turin
  Southeast Asia
36 Lee Kuan Yew: The Beliefs Behind the Man / Andras Hernadi
36 The Rise and Fall of a Javanese Saint / Michael Laffan
37 Atlas of Laos / Loes Schenk-Sandbergen
  East Asia
34 The Logic of Japan’s Mori-bund Politics / Richard Boyd
35 Tak-Wing Ngo’s Hong Kong’s History / Angela Schottenhammer
38 Fictions of Desire / Leith Morton

Asian Art & Cultures

43 Editorial / Kristy Phillips
43 Empty Hands: Iranian Feminists Reach Out / Alisa Eimen
44 A Serendipitous Sojourn / Thomas Cooper
45 Afghanistan: Iconoclastic Fury Unleashed Again / Sebastian López
46 Signs of Artistic Times in China / Thomas Berghuis
46 Asian Art Online / Thomas Berghuis
47 Art Agenda / The Gate Foundation (47 - 48)


  IIAS News
49 IIAS Staff
IIAS Research Programmes & Projects
IIAS Agenda
50 IIAS Research Fellows
51 A Giant’s Step to Sri Lanka / Ellen Raven
“Syntax” Update: A Postverbal Modal in Cantonese and Mandarin /
Rint Sybesma
52 Reconstructing the Historical Tradition of 20th-Century Indonesian Labour / Ratna Saptari
53 Islam in Indonesia: First Annual Programme Seminar / Johan Meuleman
Short Update: Islam in Indonesia / Sabine Kuypers
52 The KNAW Programme
BIORIN: Biotechnological Research Indonesia-the Netherlands / Huub
  General News
58 ASEF 5-Year Anniversary
  TANAP News
54 First TANAP Workshop held in Singapore / Henk Niemeijer
Dutch Gold in Madras / Lennart Bes
TANAP Diary / Mahesh Gopalan & Muridan S. Widjojo
  Asia Alliance News
55 Asia Alliance Short Update / Sabine Kuypers
The Alliance Partners
The Annual Asia-Europe Workshop Series
  ICAS 3 News
56 International Convention of Asia Scholars
Announcing ICAS 3
ESF Asia Committee News
European Associations for Asian Studies
57 The ESF Asia Committee
The European Science Foundation
Asia Committee after 2001
/ Sabine Kuypers
ESF Asia Committee Travel Grants 2001 - 2002
58 Women and Gender in Chinese Studies Network / Maria Jaschok & Cecilia Milwertz
58 Asia-Europe Market Place of Museums / Willem Vermont


59 Chewing the West/ Doris Jedamski
Asian Contributions to the Formation of Modern Science / Frits Staal
Contextualization of Christianity in China / Peter Chen-main Wang
Global E-Quality / Jeroen de Kloet
60 Mountain Populations & Their Vision for the Future / Peter Schachenmann & Hanta Rabetaliana
Burma-Myanma(r) Research and its Future / Gustaaf Houtman
Fourth Avignon Conference on Slavery and Forced Labour / Gwyn Campbell
62 International Conference Agenda (62 - 63)

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