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For News from Australia and the Pacific, we ask contributors to reflect on their own research interests and the broader academic field in Australia and the Pacific of which it is a part. We focus on current, recent or upcoming projects, books, articles, conferences and teaching, while identifying related interests and activities of fellow academics in the field. Our contributions aim to give a broad overview of Asia-related studies in Australia and beyond, and to highlight exciting intellectual debates on and with Asia in the region. Our preferred style is subjective and conversational. Rather than offering fully-fledged research reports, our contributions give insight into the motivations behind and directions of various types of conversations between Asia and the region.

News from Australia and the Pacific is edited by Ana Dragojlovic (ana.dragojlovic@unimelb.edu.au) and Edwin Jurriëns (edwin.jurriens@unimelb.edu.au), with assistance from Andy Fuller (fuller.a@unimelb.edu.au), from the Asia Institute in Melbourne (arts.unimelb.edu.au/asiainstitute). In the current issue, we highlight the topic of Gender and Mobility Regimes in Asia and its Diaspora.

The gendered mobilities of Chinese educational transmigrants 
By Fran Martin
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Beyond assumptions about the domestic worker and the family in crisis
By Monika Winarnita
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Balinese migrant masculinities
By Ana Dragojlovic
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Accounting for the future: masculinity, sex and work in urban Indonesia
By Benjamin Hegarty
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Low-wage Chinese migrant men in Singapore
Sylvia Ang
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