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The New Silk Road
China's Belt and Road initiative in context
Building the New Silk Road. China's Belt and Road Initiative in Context

Mission statement

The International Institute for Asian Studies (IIAS) has recently started a new project of interdisciplinary research aimed at the study of the Belt and Road Initiative of the Chinese government, with special attention to the impact of the ‘New Silk Road’ on countries, regions and peoples outside of China.

Inclusive approach 
The project will be in line with the IIAS inclusive, experimental approach to Asian Studies, seeking cooperation not only with international partners from the Social Sciences and Humanities but also with practitioners on the ground (municipalities, local stakeholders, NGO’s, artists and cultural actors, community organisations, businesses, trade unions, etc.). The programme moreover plans to establish formal links with research institutes in China to encourage the widest exchange of information and opinions.

Knowledge sharing
It will also create a ‘news page’ for the notification of seminars, workshops and conferences. In addition, the project intends to launch a business/academic alliance for sharing up-to-date expertise and insights, and to enhance the effectiveness of policy advice.

To help promote advanced teaching on the subject IIAS will host an ‘electronic library’ of online resources that can be used as teaching materials and as starting points for student essays and theses. 

The project will be directed by Professor Richard Griffiths, affiliated fellow at IIAS. To signal your interest in joining this project, please use our contact form

Why this initative?

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