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Affiliated Fellow
Ting-Fai YU

I am a cultural anthropologist whose work has explored the intersection of sexuality, social inequality and critical methodologies in Asian studies. During my fellowship at the International Institute for Asian Studies, I will work on a book manuscript based on my doctoral thesis which is an ethnographic study of the influences of class on the subjective production of Hong Kong gay men in relation to the recent proliferation of local queer movements. Analytically anchored in a specific condition of postwar economic transformation, my study demonstrates how the cultural meanings of class are informed by Hong Kong’s progressive transition from a colonial entrepôt with little infrastructure to a first-world global city in the timespan of decades. By revealing the cultural logics of class relation that functioned to reproduce inequalities in queer lives, my study argues for the revitalization of class as a method that not only highlights the place-based complexities of Hong Kong society but also inform the study of queer formations in other East Asian societies (e.g. Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan) which went through similar processes of postwar economic development and class formation.


  • Cultural Anthropology
  • Cultural Studies
  • Gender sexuality and queer studies
  • Hong Kong
  • East Asia

Country of origin

Hong Kong

Period of stay at IIAS

01/04/2018 to 31/01/2019

Research topic

Local history, queer modernity: Class differences among gay men in Hong Kong

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