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Thidar Htwe Win

I am Thidar Htwe Win, Professor and Head of Anthropology Department, Mandalay University, Myanmar. I love to participate in the program of Human across Borders. The reason is that I can learn the much knowledge of the people through the contact with them. Then I can also utilize those experiences at my teaching. Furthermore I and community members will altogether find out the ways how to provide them for the development of their livelihood. In addition, I am interested in what the challenges at my field works are and how to overcome those challenges. I am so excited and my colleagues, students are also willingly to participate in this project.

In Myanmar rural-urban migration has increased and people may consider migration is one of the ways to alleviate the poverty. The adaptation will follow after migration. Adaptation to new places is not easy for human beings to balance their old habits and new habits. The former residences also will need to adapt with new comers.  While they are trying to adapt in new situations they will be looking for their developments. What are the challenges in migration and adaptation? How do they overcome those challenges? What are the developments for them? How do they try to develop their livelihood? Our research will focus on Migration, Adaption and Development of a village tract in Myanmar.


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