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Kunthea Chhom

Boons and curses appear considerably in the inscriptions from ancient Cambodia and some indianized states of Southeast Asia. They represent one of the earliest elements of Sanskritic culture picked up by the people of the region.

The purpose of our research is to examine three main aspects of the imprecatory and benedictory expressions, namely: hells as threats; duration of condemnations and rewards; and condemnable and rewardable persons. With special reference to Cambodian epigraphy, we propose to explain how the Khmer people in pre-Angkorian and Angkorian periods perceive, adopt and adapt the Sanskritic culture to their faith. By doing so, they create a particularity of practice which has strong hold over Khmer beliefs until the present day.


  • Epigraphy

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01/03/2018 to 28/05/2018

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Sanskrit elements in Old Khmer language: a case study of boons and curses in epigraphy from Ancient Cambodia

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