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Research fellow within Energy Programme Asia (EPA). Sponsored by CASS/KNAW
Huirong Zhao

The Caspian region contains one of the world’s largest oil and gas reserves. China’s economy has developed quickly for over 20 years and needs more energy supply. Because many countries in the Caspian region are neighbours of China, they have gained the attention of the Chinese government.

The article will focus on China’s energy policy towards the Caspian Region and questions how China should implement this energy policy. Special attention will be paid to the case of Kazakhstan, because the cooperation between China and Kazakhstan is expected to have a “demonstration effect” for other countries in the Caspian region. The article furthermore explores the significance of this region for China’s energy security and the prospects for cooperation in light of recently heightened geopolitical competition.


  • Energy Security

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25/10/2010 to 12/11/2010

Research topic

China’s Energy Policy towards the Caspian Region: The Case of Kazakhstan

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