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Ana Dragojlovic is conducting ethnographic research for her project entitled ‘Culture as Cure? Immigrants, Systemic Family Therapy and Emotional Suffering’. This project offers new theoretical and empirical perspectives on the complexities of transgenerational experiences of historical violence and displacement. Using ethnographic research it charts forms of creative, non-biomedical healing practices for the treatment of suffering and distress caused by displacement. These findings a) challenge the universality of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and its implied individualistic concept of the self; and b) provide new insights into the transnational dynamics formed within cross-ethnic networks and alliances created during common therapeutic experiences. The study will aid understanding of the long-term implications of displacement and historical violence.

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  • Anthropology

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01/12/2013 to 20/07/2014

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Indisch genealogy and forms of relatedness: rethinking diaspora and citizenship

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