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There is the database of Early Mediaeval North Indian Land Grants that are generally written on copper plates and partly on stones. Its working name is “Diplomatica Indica DataBase” or DIDB. It was accomplished during my several stays at the IIAS where I was working at the Biblioteek Instituut Kern in spring seasons (March-May) of 2005 and 2006 as Gonda fellow, also in October-November of 2008, in May-June of 2009, June-July of 2010, July-August of 2011 and May-June of 2012 as IIAS research fellow.

The “Diplomatica Indica Database” (DIDB) is the object of study of this project. It has the web-interface and consists of several tables. At the moment there are two main tables: 1) Copperplates” consisting of more than 1260 entries and 2) Publications” consisting of about 3270 entries. There are more than 30 fields (or properties) for filling out the 1) “Copperplates” table of DB and 8 fields for filling out the 2) “Publications” table. Namely they are for 1) “Copperplates” such as: Code (or Number), Name (of inscription), State (modern division and name), District (modern division and name), Century (Christian era), Year (Christian era), (name of the) Dynasty, (name of the) Ruler, Donor, (kind of) Donation, Donee, (number of) Plates (with the designation of the sides on which the text was incised), Size (of plates), (number of) Lines, Arenga (number of lines for preamble, including genealogical part), Sanction (number of lines for imprecatory verses), Grant (number of lines for “business” part), Script (of the inscription), Comment, Persons00 (number of persons mentioned in “Persons01” field), Persons01 (list of persons – officials or titles mentioned as witnesses of the transaction), Persons02 (list of inhabitants of the granted villages or territories), Purport, Taxes00 (number of taxes granted to the donee), Taxes01 (list of taxes granted to the donee), Writer/Composer, Scribe, etc.; and for 2) “Publications”: Code (or Number), Name (name of inscription of the table “List”), Edition Name, Author’s Name, Year (of edition), Volume, Number (of the publication), and Pages.

At present the digital Annotated list of early mediaeval North Indian land grants is getting ready to be edited by Brill Academic Publishers, Leiden, The Netherlands. There will be 15 fields reflected in published version of the Annotated list (Name, State, District, Century, Year, Dynasty, Ruler, Donor, Donation, Donee, Plates, Size, Lines, Commentary, and Script). Also there will be the above-mentioned 8 fields in the bibliographical part of the work.




  • Early Mediaeval History of India
  • Source studies
  • Indian Epigraphy

Country of origin


Period of stay at IIAS

19/06/2017 to 19/07/2017

Research topic

North Indian Early Mediaeval Land Grants of the 4th – 13th centuries as a Kind of Historical Sources

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