Hae-kyung Um

Hae-kyung Um studied the traditional Korean 12-stringed zither, kayagûm and completed her MA in Korean historical musicology at Seoul National University, South Korea. She then studied ethnomusicology at the University of Maryland in the U.S.A. and received her PhD at The Queen's University of Belfast, UK where her research focused on the traditional Korean musical drama, p'ansori.

Um completed a three-year project (1993-1996) in Russia, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan in which she studied the relationship that exists between music-making and identity amongst the Korean diaspora in these post-soviet states. Her research was funded by the Leverhulme Trust and the Economic and Social Research Council, UK. She is presently a research fellow of the PAATI (Performing Arts in Asia: Tradition and Innovation) programme at the International Institute for Asian Studies in Leiden, the Netherlands. Her current research focuses on the performing arts of Korea and the Korean diaspora in the former Soviet Union and China.

Major publications:

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