Emmie te Nijenhuis

Emmie te Nijenhuis, born 1931 in Bussum, the Netherlands, studied piano at Utrecht Conservatory and musicology at Utrecht University. She specialized in Sanskrit texts on Indian music and obtained her PhD in 1970. From 1964 to 1988 she taught Indian musicology at the former Department of Indian Languages and Cultures of Utrecht University. As a visiting professor she lectured at the Universities of Amsterdam (1975), Oxford (1978), Basel (1984), Leiden (1995) and Chennai (1999). Since 1978 she has been a member of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Sciences. In 1988 she founded Sarasvati Bhavan, a private research institute promoting Indian music in Europe and focusing on traditional South Indian performance practice. For a summary of her major publications and an order form for the Varnam book the reader may consult: