Macau Winter School

The Macau Winter School will focus on two interrelated themes: the theoretical issue of postcolonial hybridity and the descriptive/analytical problems presented by Asian cities. The first theme, extensively developed by such scholars as Homi Bhabha, Stuart Hall, and Paul Gilroy, has been applied to the analysis of the nation-state state by Akhil Gupta and others, while Michael Herzfeld has addressed some of the lived experiences of postcolonial and cryptocolonial societies using a comparative approach to urban communities in Asia and Europe. Historian and Anthropologist Engseng Ho has, for his part, reflected on interstitial connections between imperial and diasporic formations, as they are found in maritime port-cities like Macau.

Gupta, Herzfeld, and Ho will lead the Winter School and bring their expertise and experience, representing the rich mixture of their intellectual perspectives and individual trajectories to bear in interactive engagement with research students from various disciplinary backgrounds. This activity, conducted in the vibrant context of Macau, should ensure an unprecedented training experience for the selected PhD students. The exercise should help them, as they pursue their own research projects, to elicit and develop new theoretical paradigms of postcolonial urban hybridity informed by experiences from various contexts in Asia and elsewhere.

The key themes related to postcolonial urban hybridity include but are not limited to:

  • Rethinking notions of hybridity, métissage, creolization, etc., in urban contexts
  • The colonial / postcolonial city – cities before, during, and after Empire
  • Postcolonial and cryptocolonial nation-states and cities
  • Port-cities and maritime connections
  • Contests over land use and ownership (gentrification, eviction, “disneyfication,” ethnic and spatial “cleansing”)

 Participation is highly competitive and will be limited to a maximum of 20. The IIAS Summer School 2012 has welcomed participants from Europe, America, Asia and Australia and 16 nationalities were represented.

See for the criteria and the application form the information under Application.

The registration fee for participation at the IIAS Summer Programme is 200 Euro. For more information on what is included, please see General information.

A small number of grants will be available for students. For more information, please see Financial support.