Prize for English language Books on Japan or Korea Published in 1995

The John Whitney Hall Book Prize

The Northeast Asia Council of the Association for Asian Studies announces the competition for the fourth annual John Whitney Hall Book Prize to be awarded in 1997 for an outstanding English language book published on Japan or Korea during 1995. The Prize, named to honour the distinguished scholar John Whitney Hall, carries with it a US$ 1,000 award for the author. Books nominated for the Prize in this competition must bear a 1995 copyright date. Books nominated may address either contemporary or historical topics in any field of the Humanities or the social sciences. Translations from either Japanese or Korean into English are eligible only if they include a substantial introduction, annotation, and critical apparatus. Reference works, exhibition catalogues, multi-authored collections of essays, textbooks, original poetry or fiction, memoirs, or autobiographies are not eligible. Authors need not be members of the Association for Asian Studies.

Past winners of the John Whitney Hall Prize are:
1994: Carter J. Eckert for Offspring of Empire: The Koch'ang Kims and the Colonial Origins of Korean Capitalism, 1876-1945, published by the University of Washington Press in 1991
1995: Melinda Takeuchi for Taiga's True Views: The Language of Landscape in Painting in Eighteenth-Century Japan, published by Stanford University Press in 1992.

Submission Requirements
Nominations must be made by publishers (trade publishers or university presses). Nominations are not accepted from authors. Publishers are allowed to submit no more than two nominations and must notify the Prize Committee Chair in writing of their intent to submit by June 30, 1996. Presses must also send one copy of each work nominated to each of the four members of the Prize Committee (listed below). These copies must be received by June 30, 1996. Each entry must be clearly labelled 'John Whitney Hall Prize Nomination'. The recipient of the fourth annual John Whitney Hall prize will be announced at the 1997 Association for Asian Studies Annual Meeting.

Committee for the 1997 John Whitney Hall Prize
David McCann - Chair
303 Fairmount Avenue
Ithaca, NY 14850

Henry D, Smith, II
East Asia Institute
Columbia University
New York, NY 10027

Susan Matisoff
Dept. of Asian Languages
Stanford University
Stanford, CA 94305-2034
William W. Kelly
89 Pease Road
Woodbridge, CT 06525

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