IIAS Newsletter 27

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2 Editorial / Tanja Chute
2 A Word about the EC's New Document, Europe and Asia / Wim Stokhof
  Short Biographies of the IIAS Newsletter Regional Editors
1 Enhancing the EU's Partnership with Asia / Chris Patten (p.1, 3 - 4)
4 IIAS Annual Lecture: The Question Round
East Asia
5 An Interview with Professor Chenmain Wang / Masayuki Sato
6 Uighur Muslims and Separatism in China / Sean Yom
7 The WWF in China and Chinese Environmentalism Today/ Marloes Rozing
Research in Afghanistan
9 Introduction/ Ellen M. Raven & Tanja Chute
9 Ancient Afghanistan through the Eyes of Charles Masson (1800-1853)/ Elizabeth Errington
10 Travelogue of an Ethnomusicologist/ Jan van Belle
11 Ethnomusicological Research in Afghanistan/John Baily
12 On Kings and Nomads/ Nicholas Sims-Williams
13 The Destruction of Afghanistan's Cultural Heritage/ Osmund Bopearachchi
14 The Chaman-i-Hazuri Hoard/ Ellen M. Raven
15 It is Time to Pick up Stones/ Victor Sarianidi
15 The Buddhas of Bamiyan (continued)/Jet van Krieken
16 Ellen M. Raven: Guest Editor
16 Josephine Powell/ Ellen M. Raven
16 Kern Institute & Gerda Theuns-de Boer/ Tanja Chute
23 The Life of Hindus in Britain/Shalini Sharma
24 Asia in Europe, Europe in Asia/Mario Rutten & Srilata Ravi
24 New Global Networking in the Automobile Industry/ Yuri Sadoi
25 Renegotiations of the Public and the Private in the Netherlands/ Rajni Paliriwala
25 Asian Artisans and Small-Scale Producers in the Global Economy/
Mario Rutten & Tim Scrase
Southeast Asia
18 Rethinking the Islamization of the Malay World/ Farish Noor
21 The Religious Factor in Recent Political Transformations in Southeast Asia/ Johan Meuleman & Andrée Feillard
26 Media, State, & NGOs and the Imagining of the Mentawaian Community/ Myrna Eindhoven
26 Coping, Adapting, Thriving/ Matthew Isaac Cohen
27 Madame Butterfly in a Robinson Reading/ Doris Jedamski
28 Overcoming Terminological Ethnocentrism/ Cliff Goddard
29 Caught between Three Fires/ Muhamad Hisyam
30 The Leviathan's Military Arm/ Tobias Rettig
30 Indonesia across Orders/ Evelien Buchheim, Remco Raben & Peter Post
31 Decolonizations, Loyalties and Nations/ John Kleinen & Remco Raben
32 Java through the Eyes of Van Kinsbergen/ Gerda Theuns-de Boer
33 New Horizons for Social Research using Digital Media in Southeast Asia/ Aileen Toohey and Roxana Waterson
East Asia
19 Japan as Imagined by Arabs/ Mona Abaza
20 Xun Zi in the Intellectual Context of Early China/ Masayuki Sato
21 In Search of the Chinese Muslim Diaspora/ Eric Germain
22 Moving toward a Mature, Balanced Stage of Studying Christianity in China/ Peter Chen-main Wang
31 Conference on Hideyoshi's Invasion of Korea/ James Lewis
42 Books Received
52 Clara Publications
Central Asia
38 Tibetan Pilgrimage Texts/ Toni Huber
41 Kantanjur and Tibetan Information Technology/ Tashi Tsering
South Asia
38 A Journalist's Encyclopaedia on the Democratic Movement in Nepal/ Mark Turin
39 Madhumalati: An Indian Sufi Romance/ Thomas de Bruijn
39 Agniyuger Agnikatha "Yugantar"/ Victor van Bijlert
39 Bengal: Rethinking History/ Victor van Bijlert
Southeast Asia
36 Lee Kuan Yew: The Beliefs Behind the Man/ Andras Hernadi
36 The Rise and Fall of a Javanese Saint/ Michael Laffan
Atlas of Laos/ Loes Schenk-Sandbergen
East Asia
34 The Logic of Japan's Mori-bund Politics/ Richard Boyd
35 Tak-Wing Ngo's Hong Kong's History/ Angela Schottenhammer
40 Fictions of Desire/ Leith Morton
43 Editorial/ Kristy Phillips
43 Empty Hands: Iranian Feminists Reach Out/ Alisa Eimen
44 A Serendipitous Sojourn/ Thomas Cooper
45 Afghanistan: Iconoclastic Fury Unleashed Again/ Sebastian López
46 Signs of Artistic Times in China/ Thomas Berghuis
46 Asian Art Online/ Thomas Berghuis
47 Art Agenda/ The Gate Foundation (47 - 48)
49 IIAS Staff
49 IIAS Research Programmes
49 IIAS Agenda
50 IIAS Research Fellows
51 A Giant's Step to Sri Lanka/ Ellen Raven
51 "Syntax" Update: A Postverbal Modal in Cantonese and Mandarin/ Rint Sybesma
52 Reconstructing the Historical Tradition of 20th-Century Indonesian Labour/ Ratna Saptari
53 Islam in Indonesia: First Annual Programme Seminar/ Johan Meuleman
53 Short Update: Islam in Indonesia/ Sabine Kuypers
53 The KNAW Programme
53 BIORIN: Biotechnological Research Indonesia-the Netherlands/ Huub Löffler
General News
58 ASEF 5-Year Anniversary/ Jessica Yom
54 First TANAP Workshop held in Singapore/Henk Niemeijer
54 Dutch Gold in Madras/ Lennart Bes
54 TANAP Diary/ Mahesh Gopalan & Muridan S. Widjojo
Strategic Alliance for Asian Studies News
55 Asia Alliance Short Update/ Sabine Kuypers
55 The Alliance Partners
55 The Annual Asia-Europe Workshop Series
ICAS 3 News
56 International Convention of Asia Scholars
56 Announcing ICAS 3
ESF Asia Committee News
56 European Associations for Asian Studies
57 The ESF Asia Committee
57 The European Science Foundation Asia Committee after 2001/ Sabine Kuypers
58 Women and Gender in Chinese Studies Network/ Maria Jaschok & Cecilia Milwertz
58 Asia-Europe Market Place of Museums/ Willem Vermont
59 Chewing the West/ Doris Jedamski
59 Asian Contributions to the Formation of Modern Science/ Frits Staal
59 Global E-Quality/ Jeroen de Kloet
59 Contextualization of Christianity in China/ Peter Chen-main Wang
60 Mountain Populations & Their Vision for the Future/ Peter Schachenmann & Hanta Rabetaliana
60 Burma-Myanma(r) Research and its Future/ Gustaaf Houtman
60 Fourth Avignon Conference on Slavery and Forced Labour/ Gwyn Campbell
61 Colofon
62 International Conference Agenda (62 - 63)