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Forum Luso Asiatico Luso-Asian Forum (FLA) is a Portuguese private and non-profit association formed in February 1997, and located in Lisbon, for the purpose of promoting and organizing different public events which will deepen the awareness of the Portuguese public opinion about Asia singularities.

Edward W. Said: Scholar and Activist You cannot put a label on Edward W. Said. This University Professor of English and Comparative Literature at Columbia University, US, is also a historian of ideas whose dazzlingly original interpretations on Orientalism have given history writing a new stimulus. But that's not all.


Central Asia
Language policies and Language Movements in Central Asia In 1989-1990, when the Soviet Union still existed, the titular languages of Kazakstan, Uzbekistan, Kirgizstan, Tajikistan, and Turkmenistan were proclaimed the official languages of their respective republics. Central Asians now face the problem of language policy.

South Asia
Tradition and Innovation. The Shifting Boundaries of a Popular South Indian Theatre Kattaikkuttu theatre is traditionally performed by professional male actors and musicians in the northern parts of Tamil Nadu, South India, but barriers were broken in a unique performance on the occasion of the Eighth Annual Kattaikkuttu Festival.

Insular South West Asia
The First Malagasy The Netherlands has occupied a niche in the history of Madagascar since Frederik de Houtman wrote the first-ever dictionary of the Malagasy language.
Southeast Asia

The Land of the Sugar Palm Tree The creation of an independent Social Science Institute in Cambodia, a country which has never experienced a social science academic tradition, and where social structures are based upon political alliances or patronage, didn't happen overnight.
East Asia

Second International Conference on Yi Studies Under the title 'Processes of Social Change, Rising Ethnic Identity, and Ethnicity among the Yi Nationality in China' the conference brought together more than forty scholars from China, France, Germany, Japan......

Asian Arts

Indonesian Art: The Creation of a National Identity The political changes of 1965, when the Orde Baru of President Soeharto was established, opened up new directions in the field of art.