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20-22 July 1998
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The Eighth Annual Meeting of the South East Asian Linguistic Society

The Eighth Annual Meeting of South East Asian Linguistic Society was successfully held at Brisdale Inn, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, July 20-22, 1998. Participants from Malaysia, New Zealand, Germany, Singapore, Brunei, USA, Australia, Japan, Canada, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Netherlands exchanged ideas and findings on languages of Southeast Asia in Southeast Asia for the second time.

By Jyh Wee Sew

Although a few unannounced pull-outs disrupted the flow of the meeting, these did not deter a thorough discussion on Malay linguistics with papers on Malay word stress, Kuala Lumpur Malay as a mainland Southeast Asian language, Malay and English news broadcasts in Brunei, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, etc. Other topics ranged from a comparative analysis of grammaticalization between Japanese and Thai, and between Malay, Chinese, and Japanese to Tagalog-Illocano grammar, and a functional analysis of Bonggi.

As a participant in this conference I thank the organizer David Gil for bringing the conference closer to home and thus more affordable to those from Southeast Asia. The next conference on Southeast Asian Linguistics will be held at the University of California at Berkeley, and will be organized by Prof. James Matisoff, in May 1999.
Jyh Wee Sew can be reached at the Linguistics Section, School of Languages, University of Otago, P.O. Box 56, Dunedin, New Zealand.

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