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SEALG Meeting in Hamburg

On Wednesday September 2, 1998, members of the South-East Asian Library Group from Great Britain, the Netherlands, Germany, and France met at the University of Hamburg for their Annual Conference.

By Rosemary Robson-McKillop

There had been no important developments since the last meeting, so the main issue was the Newsletter. Its subscription fee had formerly been the chief source of SEALG's income, but now SEALG news, reports and papers presented at The Annual Meetings appear in the SEALG column in the pink pages of the IIAS Newsletter. The final issue of the old newsletter has yet to appear, which will happen as soon as technical problems with the SOAS scanner have been overcome. In future, if people have reports, book reviews, or articles which they think would be of interest to SEALG and could be published in the IIAS Newsletter, they should contact me at the address given below.

One important topic which was broached was the further development of the SEALG directory in which we would like to publish as much information as possible about libraries in various European countries with South-East Asian holdings, whether these are public or private. Dr Lieu Cao Thi from IRSEA-CNRS (Aix-en-Provence/Marseille) has already compiled a directory for France. Although this is as yet incomplete, it already contains more than a thousand entries, with a heavy emphasis on Indo-China collections. By about the beginning of October the provisional printed version should be available for sale. Dr Lieu can be contacted at Caothi@romarin.univ-aix.fr. The cost of the publication will be 120 French francs plus postage.
For the work we have in mind it is essential to have a means of publication which is easily updatable, as there is always the possibility that we can come across new sources. The best way of achieving this is to have our own Home Page on the Internet and negotiations are under way with the IIAS to allow us to do so on their Web-site.
At the meeting it was agreed that the Library of the Royal Institute of Linguistics and Anthropology (KITLV) in Leiden, the Netherlands, would take the responsiblity for the organization. So if you have any comments, ideas, or any other suggestions please do no hesitate to get in touch. We shall have to ensure that we encourage colleagues in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Russia, and the Scandinavian countries to join in. In Spain and Portugal there must be a wealth of archives of missionary orders, not to mention early official records of contact with South-East Asia. Many unexpected countries have had trading contacts with the region and the archives of various import-export businesses may very well still be extant, not to mention diaries or memoirs of the people who ran them.
To any of you who might think we are suffering from delusions of grandeur, I hasten to reassure you that we are not planning to throw the catalogues of such libraries on the Internet (many of thems are still enshrined on ordinary, cardboard catalogue cards). Our simple aim is to record the libraries and their likely potential so that people who are interested can contact them themselves.
At this 1998 Annual Meeting of SEALG in Hamburg, the 1998/1999 Committee was elected as follows:
Chairman: Drs Rahadi S. Karni (KITLV, The Netherlands)
Secretary/Treasurer: Ms Margaret Nicholson (U of Hull, Great Britain)
Member, France: Ms Dr Lieu Cao Thi (IRSEA-CNRS)
Member, Germany: Ms Christine Grune (Staatsbibl. Berlin)
Member, Germany: Ms Stella Schmidt (U Hamburg)
Member, The Netherlands: Dr Roger Tol (KITLV)
Member, Great Britain: Dr Henri Ginsburg (OIOC)
Member, Great Britain: Dr Nicholas Martland (SOAS)

The Committee has proposed IRSEA-CNRS in Marseille as host for the Annual Meeting of SEALG in September 1999, and this was accepted by both host and members.
Rosemary Robson-McKillop, Royal Institute for Linguistics and Anthropology, Postbus 9515, 2300 RA Leiden, The Netherlands. E-mail: Robson@let.leidenuniv.nl.

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