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24 April 1998
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

One-Day Seminar

The main aim of the One-Day Seminar was to bring together labour scholars to exchange information on ongoing research. Since an increasing number of scholars in the Netherlands is studying work processes, industrial relations, labour migration etc. in Asia, past, and present and many of them have not had the opportunity to get to know of the work of others outside their respective research schools, this seminar was meant to serve this function. The second aim was to look at the diversities in labour relations in different Asian countries. The seminar was attended by Ph.D. students, post-docs, university staff, and researchers.

By Ratna Saptari

The areas covered were China, India, the Philippines, and Indonesia. Since the topics were quite varied, discussions were more of an informative nature rather than focusing on one common issue. However as a first attempt such a meeting was extremely useful for general exchange. Jan Lucassen gave an introduction to the International Institute of Social History and Paul van der Velde to the International Institute for Asian Studies. The keynote speakers were Rajnavaran Chandavarkar (Dept. of History, Cambridge University) on 'Approaches to Labour Historiography' and Jan Breman (CASA) on 'the Informalization of Labour'. Research presentations were given by Miranda Engelshoven (Amsterdam School of Social Science Research, Univ. of Amsterdam) on 'Labour in the Diamond Industry, India'; Cen Huang (International Institute for Asian Studies, Leiden) on 'Transnationalism and Labour in China' Peter Keppy (Amsterdam School for Social Science Research, Amsterdam) on Labour Activism in the 1930s in Java, Indonesia', and the last speaker was Rosanne Rutten (Amsterdam School for Social Science Research, Amsterdam) on 'Claim-making and labour rights in a Philippine plantation region'. The participants in this one day seminar came from various research institutions in the Netherlands and forms were distributed to expand the CLARA database on researchers working on the theme of labour in Asia.
Dr Ratna Saptari is the Programme Coordinator of the Research Programme 'Changing Industrial Labour Relations in Asia. She can be reached at the International Institute of Social History, Cruquiusweg 31, 1019 AT Amsterdam, The Netherlands, tel: +31-20-66.858.66, fax: +31-20-66.541.81, e-mail: chlia@iisg.nl

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