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Progress Report Qiaoxiang Ties Programme

The Chronicle Development of the IIAS-Xiamen Joint Research Project

By Cen Huang & Leo Douw

The IIAS-Xiamen project was launched in December 1997 for the purpose of establishing international research collaboration on the topic of qiaoxiang studies, to conduct joint research, and to exchange research data and archive materials. The project has been running smoothly, and made good progress since then.

- In December 1997, the project was launched in Xiamen. Dr Cen Huang delivered a lecture on research methods to the Xiamen research team.
- In February and March 1998, fieldwork was carried out under the joint research agreement. The Xiamen research team conducted more investigations into the relationship between overseas Chinese investment, qiaoxiang development and qiaoxiang enterprises. Forty more enterprises were surveyed looking at the aspects of investment, structure, organization, management, marketing, production, profit, etc.
- In June 1998, the Xiamen team completed the first draft of research data files and theses based on the Jinjiang qiaoxiang survey. Three research theses cover: (1) the dynamics of the Jinjiang private enterprises, 1970-1990; (2) overseas Chinese and qiaoxiang education, a case study of Jinjiang; and (3) the role of remittance and donations in Jinjiang's social and economic development. Research data files include: (1) investigation reports on individual villages; and (2) compiled data files of surveyed households and enterprises. The research parties have worked jointly on the issues of the selection of data files for further analysis.
- In August 1998, Dr Cen Huang visited Professor Zhuang Guotu at Xiamen University. They discussed the progress of the joint project and its future plans. The IIAS research party received the first set of research data and reports of the Jinjiang qiaoxiang investigation.
- In October 1998, the Xiamen team will hold an international conference on the topic of 'Qiaoxiang Studies.' Dr Cen Huang will organize an IIAS/European panel as part of the conference, which will be held on 28-31 October 1998 in Jinjiang where the qiaoxiang survey took place. It will mark the conclusion of Phase I of the IIAS-Xiamen joint project. About fifty scholars from ten different countries will present papers at the conference. The Xiamen research team and the Jinjiang government will be host and organizer of the conference. An edited volume based on the Jinjiang empirical data is planned to be published as an outcome of the joint project.

Other news

The programme panel: 'Chinese Transnationalism: cultural and economic dimensions' was successfully held on 25-26 June 1998 in Noordwijkerhout as a panel at the ICAS conference. Twelve papers were presented and the panel attracted a fair amount of academic attention from the ICAS audience. Dr Leo Douw, Dr Cen Huang and Dr Michael Godley have been working on the edited volume based on the panel papers since then.
Dr Michael Godley has been selected as a senior visiting fellow to join the Qiaoxiang Ties Program from 15 September to 15 December 1998. He will continue to work on the ICAS panel volume.
Dr Leo Douw and Professor Dai Yifeng have established another joint research project: 'The Role of Overseas Chinese Invested Enterprises in the Development of Labour Markets in South China, 1978 - Present.' To get the project off the ground, Professor Dai held a senior IIAS fellowship from June to September 1998.
Dr Leo Douw has begun an IIAS senior fellowship (1 September 1998 to 1 March 1999), entitled 'Transnational Entrepreneurship and the Establishment of Free Market Institutions in South China, 1900 - Present.'
Dr. Cen Huang took a field trip to south China. She interviewed foreign investors and government officials on the issue of the Asian crisis and foreign economy and enterprises in Guangdong. She also visited the Center of Asian Studies at the University of Hong Kong.

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