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The ASALFA Network

Organizes a Course on MERCOSUL, Asia and the EU

In 1995 the European Union constituted the Alfa Programme for the exchange of students at the postgraduate and undergraduate level between universities in the European Union and in Latin America. This Programme of forty million ECU's also included the possibilities of professionalization courses for Latin American university teachers, and improvement of the administration of Latin American Universities and their relations with local private enterprise.

Within the framework of the Alfa Programme, the University of Leiden proposed in 1997 to constitute a network of European and Latin American universities, to organize a professionalization course for postgraduates and teachers at Latin American universities interested in processes of integration in Asia and Europe. About eighteen postgraduates and junior teachers at the MERCOSUL universities of Cordoba (Argentina), Porto Alegre, (Brazil) and Santiago (Chile) will, together with students from the universities of Mainz and Trier (Germany), Stockholm (Sweden) and Leiden (Netherlands), attend an intensive programme of courses and tutorials during six months.
The University of Leiden, co-ordinator of this programme, will be the host. Courses will be given by guest professors from all participating universities of the Asia-Latin America (ASALFA) network, and by our Amsterdam associates, the International Institute of Social History and the Centre of Latin American Studies and Documentation. The International Institute of Asian Studies has an important logistical role in the organisation of this very first programme in which European universities make use of the exchange possibilities offered by the European Union to offer their high level specializations in Asian cultures, politics and economics to Latin American universities with a strongly emerging interest in Asia.
Because of this strongly emerging interest in Asia among MERCOSUL countries and its associated partner Chile, the focus of the programme will be on the development of integrative processes in the extended MERCOSUL, Asia and the European Union. Moreover, the developing relations between Asia and Latin America and the consequences of these relations for the European Union will be analysed. Close attention will be given to the comparison of developments within Asia, the MERCOSUL and the European Union, so as to provide students with the necessary knowledge for understanding the different processes of integration taking place in these three areas. After having followed thirteen courses given by European, Latin American and Asian specialists, students will write a final paper in June 1999.
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