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EU Project at Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand
European Studies Program

The European Studies Program (ESP) is a project of the European Union of which the aim is to promote academic teaching about the various aspects of the European Integration process, its legal and historical foundations, its institutions, its policy orientations, and external relations, in Thailand. To achieve this the ESP intends to develop a well-trained core faculty and a curriculum in European Studies at Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, covering fields as community law, economics, history and political science. Furthermore the Project will attempt to stimulate research in Thailand and Southeast Asia on matters concerning the European Union and EU-ASEAN relations and to encourage co-operation between researchers in the four disciplines. The plan is to institutionalize the Program as a permanent Center for European Studies in Southeast Asia.
In a general sense, the Program intends to foster a better understanding of the EU among academics, public opinion, political and business decision makers, as well as to contribute to the development of mutual advantageous economic co-operation between Thailand and the EU. Established in November 1992, the European Studies Program can look back on more than five years of experience with Asian-European academic co-operation and intends to build on this experience in the future.

The Project Activities include:

  • European Chairs: two-week visiting professorships for European specialists at Thai universities. Specialists from all fifteen European member states have already been recruited;
  • Faculty Fellowships: intensive preparation stays (two to four months) of Thai faculty members at academic or research institutes throughout Europe with the aim of acquiring expertise, up-to-date factual knowledge, documentation, and contacts;
  • Ph.D.-Grants: long-term stays at European universities by Thai post-graduate students;
  • Junior Ph.D.-Grants: short-term stays at European universities by Thai students;
  • Research Grants: jointly or individually conducted projects to stimulate research on EU and ASEAN-related topics for Thai and European researchers;
  • Conference Participation Grants: invitations to Thai academics to participate in European conferences focusing on EU issues;
  • Annual international conferences in Thailand;
  • Seminars and lectures in Thailand on EU topics, primarily addressing the Thai academic community, but also a larger public and the private sector.

Project Co-ordinator of the ESP is Professor Franz Knipping,
Tübingen University,
Wilhelmstr. 42,
D-72074 Tübingen, Germany,
tel.: +49-7071-2977367,
fax: +49-7071-551526,
e-mail: esp@uni-tuebingen.de.

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