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Forum Luso Asiatico

Luso-Asian Forum (FLA) is a Portuguese private and non-profit association formed in February 1997, and located in Lisbon, for the purpose of promoting and organizing different public events which will deepen the awareness of the Portuguese public opinion about Asia singularities. Its principal aim is to create academic and scientific connections within Europe and reinforce the spirit of understanding co-operation, and friendship between Portugal and Asia, In all related fields.

By Arnaldo Gonçalves

Luso-Asian Forum in proposing to organize seminars, conferences, and workshops about the economic, political, social, cultural, and linguistic aspects of the countries that compose the Asian continent, namely those with whom Portugal has maintained historical relations, like China, Japan, India, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, and Thailand.

FLA intends to get financial support for the research projects of young national and foreign researchers who want to develop studies centred in the relations between Portugal and South and Southeast Asia. Another objective is to create deep links of co-operation with similar entities in other countries, serving as a means to integrate Portugal into the cultural and scientific network of co-operation, understanding, and interchange of information of Europe with Asian countries. FLA encourages mutual initiatives, exchanges of information and linking to Internet sites of other related academic, scientific, and cultural institutions of Oriental Studies.

Since February 1997, the Luso-Asian Forum has organized several seminars in Lisbon and Macao, still a Portuguese dependent territory, to debate Asian political actualities, namely the issue of 'The transition of Hong Kong to the People's Republic of China' and a Seminar about 'Globalization and Relations between Portugal and Japan'.

Beginning in March this year the FLA has been organizing a Cycle of Dinners-Debate with retired Portuguese Governors of Macao, under the title Macao 1999, the end of the Empire. Its guests have already included General Garcia Leandro and Admiral Almeida Costa, the first two Governors of the Portuguese territory, after the 25 April Revolution. The cycle is to be continued next October and December with General Melo Egídio and Professor Pinto Machado and will be closed in the eve of the transfer of Macao sovereignty to PRC, later 1999, With General Rocha Vieira, the present and last governor of Macao.

An International Seminar called 'The Asian-Pacific Region on the threshold of the 21st Century' is also planned to Macao, this year. The Seminar will gather various Portuguese and foreign experts in international relations, economics, geopolitics and international security issues and will debate the most up-dated events concerning Asia bilateral and multilateral security and threats that will arise in the turn of the twenty-first Century. The Luso-Asian Forum edits a bimonthly newsletter that has now reached its sixth issue and can be ordered through the address below.

Arnaldo Gonçalves, Professor of International Politics, is chairman of the Luso Asian-Forum. For further information, please contact FLA at Rua Alfredo Roque Gameiro,
18-l Esq,
1600 Lisbon, Portugal,
fax: +351-1-3227734,
e-mail: ArnaldoA.Goncalves@ctt.pt,

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