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The IIAS Branch Office in Amsterdam


On May 12, 1997, the IIAS opened a branch office in Amsterdam. This IIAS Branch Office Amsterdam is hosted by the University of Amsterdam and located in the Spinhuis building in the centre of the city. It offers office facilities to IIAS fellows and supports conferences and other activities of the IIAS in Amsterdam. The establishment of the IIAS branch office in Amsterdam will contribute to a further broadening of the organizational and academic base of the IIAS activities in the Netherlands.

The main objective of the IIAS is to encourage the pursuit of Asian Studies in the Humanities and Social Sciences, nationally as well internationally. At the time of its establishment in 1993 it was decided that the IIAS should have its main office in Leiden and a small branch office in Amsterdam to be established at a later stage. In line with this agreement, the board of IIAS decided in its meeting of January 1997 to establish a branch office in Amsterdam, to be attached to and partly financed by the University of Amsterdam.

On May 12, 1997, the IIAS Branch Office Amsterdam opened its doors in the Spinhuis, the premises of the Faculty of Political and Socio-Cultural Sciences of the University of Amsterdam. With this opening, the IIAS now has three locations: Nonnensteeg Leiden (main office), Doelensteeg Leiden, and a branch office in Amsterdam and as such IIAS fellows have the opportunity to work in either Leiden or Amsterdam during their fellowship period. Apart from offering office facilities, the IIAS Branch Office can provide IIAS fellows with housing in Amsterdam and other practical support. It will also assist with IIAS conferences and activities that take place in Amsterdam. The University of Amsterdam supports the IIAS Branch Office Amsterdam by providing the office facilities, the premises and part of the organizational expenses. At this moment, office facilities for three fellows are available, but it is expected that this number will increase in due time.

The IIAS Branch Office Amsterdam is an integrated part of the IIAS organization. Policy decisions regarding the activities of the IIAS Branch Office Amsterdam are taken by the Board of IIAS and their implementation is the responsibility of the IIAS Directorate. Selection of fellows to be based in Amsterdam, as well as the organization of conferences, will follow the normal IIAS procedure and be handled by the IIAS main office in Leiden. Those fellows who are based in Amsterdam will continue to participate in the IIAS activities that take place in Leiden, such as the monthly lecture series and conferences. In its activities, the IIAS Branch Office Amsterdam will work together closely with scholars in the various departments and institutes in Amsterdam with an interest and expertise in Asia, such as the University of Amsterdam, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Royal Tropical Institute, International Institute of Social History, Netherlands State Institute for War Documentation, Tropenmuseum, Maritime Museum Amsterdam, Rijksmuseum, Film Museum Gate Foundation, Asia House, and Amsterdam Historical Museum.

Staff and fellows

Annelore van der Lint has been appointed the secretary and Dr Mario Rutten the co-ordinator of the IIAS Branch Office Amsterdam, both on a part-time basis. Annelore van der Lint received her MA in Cultural Studies at the University of Amsterdam in 1993 and has since then been working as a copy-writer. Mario Rutten studied sociology at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam and obtained his PhD in 1991 at the University of Amsterdam with a study on the economic behaviour and life-style of rural capitalists in Gujarat, India. In 1992, he received a postdoctoral fellowship from the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences to undertake a comparative study on the class of rural capitalists in Southeast Asia, based on fieldwork in Central Java (Indonesia) and Kedah state (Malaysia). At present, Mario Rutten is the research manager of the Centre for Asian Studies Amsterdam (CASA) of the Amsterdam School for Social Science Research, University of Amsterdam.

From 17 May until 11 August, Prof. Glenn A. May of the University of Oregon (USA) was the first senior visiting fellow of IIAS to be based at the branch office in Amsterdam. During his stay in the Netherlands, Prof. May worked on his research project 'A History of the Philippines'. Between 29 May and 30 June, Dr. Aminul Faraizi of the Central Queensland University (Australia) was attached to the IIAS Branch Office Amsterdam as an affiliated fellow of the IIAS to work on his project 'The Extent of Corruption and its Implications in Bangladesh Society'. In August, Dr. Cen Huang (Canada), who works within the third IIAS research programme 'International Social Organization in East and Southeast Asia: Qiaoxiang ties in the twentieth century', will move her office from CASA to the IIAS Branch Office Amsterdam, where she will continue to work until 1 November 1999.

In the coming months, the branch office in Amsterdam is expected to receive the following guests. From 1 October 1997 until 1 February 1998, Dr Karin Kapadia (Norway/India) will stay in Amsterdam as a senior visiting fellow to work on her research project 'Gender, Bonded Labour and Rural Industry in South India'. Dr Freek Colombijn (Netherlands), who has been awarded an IIAS research fellowship from 1 January, 1998 until October 1, 2001, will be partly based at the IIAS Branch Office Amsterdam during his research period. Dr Colombijn's project is titled 'The Road to Development: access to natural resources along the transport axes of Riau Daratan (Indonesia), 1870-2000'. From 1 May 1998 until 1 August 1998, Prof. Dru Gladney of the East-West Centre, Honolulu (USA), will be based at the branch office in Amsterdam as an IIAS senior visiting fellow to work on his research topic 'The Rise of Chinese Nationalism: Implications for Domestic and International Relations' with special emphasis on the implications for Muslim minorities in China.


The official opening of the IIAS Branch Office Amsterdam will take place on 2 December 1997. Dr Lodewijk Wagenaar of the Amsterdam Historical Museum has accepted our invitation to give a lecture on the theme 'Asia in Amsterdam, Amsterdam in Asia'. To mark the occasion, the IIAS will publish a booklet in which the various institutes in Amsterdam with an interest and expertise on Asia - both within and outside the two Amsterdam universities - will give a concise presentation of themselves and provide information about their backgrounds. Invitations for the opening ceremony will be sent out in September 1997.

Like all other information about IIAS fellows and IIAS activities, information about the IIAS Branch Office Amsterdam will be distributed through the IIAS Newsletter, the IIAS bi-monthly agenda, and the IIAS homepage:


The secretariat of the IIAS Branch Office Amsterdam is open on working days from 9.00 am till 1.00 pm and can be reached at the following address:

IIAS Branch Office Amsterdam

Spinhuis, rooms 214, 215, and 216
Oudezijds Achterburgwal 185
1012 DK Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Tel: +31-20-525 3657
Tel: +31-20-525 3658
E-mail: IIAS@pscw.uva.NL

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