Film screening

Framing Asia: Decolonisation and revolution: veterans and re-enactment

"Framing Asia" is a series of monthly film screenings organised throughout the 'Leiden Asia Year' (2017), by KITLV (Royal Netherlands Institute of Southeast Asian and Caribbean), IIAS (international Institute for Asian Studies), the department CA-DS (Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology) of Leiden University and 'Studium Generale' (Leiden University).

For the latest information about this evening and the Framing Asia programme, please visit: www.kitlv.nl/framing-asia  

On Wednesday evening June 7, three films will be screened, followed by discussion with the filmmakers and Q&A.


Libera Me (30 min)

By:  Martin van den Oever & Jos Janssen

Libera Me is a transnational approach to the colonial war between Indonesia and the Netherlands. With personal reflections of some veterans of war from both sides a concentrated

circular and shared history of 30 minutes is constructed, merging and reconciling both perspectives. We meander between past and present and between two nations that came to be

further apart then they already were.

Looking Back Now (18 min)

By: Marjolein van Pagee

A sequence of videos made between 2013-2015 that show the people that Van Pagee interviewed, all related to memories of the Indonesian independence war in East-Java and Madura. In this 18 minute video-compilation we will see the people behind the portraits of photo-project 'Kembang Kuning - Yellow Flower'. 

Stories about war and destruction are usually sad, yet, the compilation ends with a video that will make you laugh for sure.

The Feel of History (29 min)

By: Lise Zurne

Each year, a historical society called the Komunitas Djokjakarta 1945 re- enacts one of the last battles with the Dutch colonizers of 1949 in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Following their preparations, this film seeks to portray this community and its main members. By focussing on the material culture of re-enactment, one learns how these re-enactors create a spectacular and romanticized re-presentation of the past that allows them to temporarily be the warheroes that they worship so much.



Martin van den Oever & Jos Janssen (Libera Me): Martin van den Oever studied at the art academy in Arnhem and The Hague and works as a photographer and filmmaker. Jos Janssen is specialized in sound engineering. They worked on several projects together, almost always focussing on Indonesian society.

Marjolein van Pagee (Looking Back Now) graduated as a photographer from AKV St. Joost and currently studies Colonial History at Leiden University. 

Lise Zurne (The Feel of History) has an MA in Visual Anthropology and is now working as a teaching assistant at the course Media Worlds at Leiden University.

Bart Luttikhuis is a researcher at KITLV in late colonial history and the history of decolonization, with a particular empirical focus on early to mid-twentieth century Indonesia.