Film screening

Tempo Chalak

Tempo Driver, a multi-Lingual Nepalese movie.

Ganga Bahadur Nemkul, the producer and the storywriter of the film Tempo Chalak will be present in person during the presentation of the film.

Story and Producer: Ganga Bahadur Nemkul
Director and Screenplay: Ravi Dangol
Editor: Sunil Krishna Tamrakar
Music: Bal Krishna Banshi
Camera: Ravi Sayami
Languages: Nepalbhasa (Newar), Tamang and Khas–Parvate (with English subtitles)
Duration: 1:04:55

Women’s serving as drivers in public transportation sector is a recent development in Nepal. The story of this film revolves around a young woman, who works for her earnings as a 3–wheeler tempo driver in the metropolitan city of Kathmandu. She comes from a rural background, and the film presents her struggles as a tempo driver. It is notable that the principal character in this film, Ms Kopila Tamang belongs to Tamang, a marginalized ethnic group of Nepal. Kopila Tamang has drawn big praises and acclaims from Nepalese media because she is a tempo driver in her real life too.

The story takes dramatic turn as Kopila falls in love with a young Newar guy with different cultural and linguistic background. They had to face resentments from their respective families, which bring twists and turns in their lives. The presentation of a multi-lingual feature of Nepal by offering conversations in three different languages (Nepalbhasa or Newar, Tamang and Khas–Parvate) is another important feature of the movie.

Ganga Bahadur Nemkul

Mr. Nemkul, a founder of the Chinari Nepal Australia is actively working for the promotion and preservation of Nepalese culture worldwide. Rockdale City Council awarded him a grant to produce Mhasika (Identity), a short movie (Sydney, 2014). He is renowned for his lively roles in hosting Nepalbhasa Radio and TV programmes in Sydney. He is best known for promoting cultures and traditions belong to various indigenous nationalities of Nepal.


Ms Heleen van der Minne, h.m.van.der.minne@iias.nl