IIAS Lunch Lecture

Pavilion desire. India at the Venice Biennale in contemporary times

Lecture by IIAS fellow Dr Manuela Ciotti.

This lecture explores the presence of India – through national and individual representations - at the Venice Art Biennale. Historically, India has featured an intermittent presence at this archetypical biennale – largely articulated around national pavilions. Situated in the context of a large-scale project on the global spread of modern and contemporary art from India - observed at museums, biennales and galleries in Asia, Europe and the US -, the lecture analyses art works, artists, and cultural politics enlivening the staging of artistic and national sensibilities from India in Venice. In particular, the desire for a national pavilion voiced by the art world in India is analyzed vis-à-vis the role of the state and private actors which, over recent years, have projected diverse ideas of India and her artistic trends at the Venice Biennale.  

Inline image from Domus.

About IIAS Lunch Lectures

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